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  • You are continuing to post on the same subject and to ask people who I suspect are NOT doctors, (or very few are), nor do they know your specific situation to be able to answer questions about your illness. ASK YOUR DOCTOR who did the exam and tests on you. He or she knows all of the things you are asking us. We would be doing you a BIG injustice to give medical opinions on something this potentially severe. You have doctors you have seen and can ask. THEY are the appropriate people to ask if you want honest and ACCURATE answers. Please ask a doctor these things and quit spamming us with questions related to the same question you asked in the first place. GET MEDICAL HELP. This is NOT a medical forum with specialists and doctors who are here to diagnose or to treat you. I hope you understand. I am not trying to be unfriendly. I want you to get responsible and accurate answers and information to your potentially serious medical situation. As much as I know about medicine, I would not offer you an answer on this. You have MUCH more qualified people where you live who know your specific situation you can and should certainly ask as soon as you can. Good luck! :)

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