• More often than not - but not always.
  • no way. eyes are bigger than stomach. but i put it in the fridge for later instead of throwing it out!
  • most of the time i leave a litle bit.
  • afraid not, i have a very tempremental stomach, i normally eat because i have to rather than for pleasure and my stomach says no more!
  • When I am done the plate does not need a wash.
  • No, I have what my mother called 'last bite syndrome'. I have this weird thing about never wanting to eat the last bite of anything. Mom said it started when I was about four. So I just leave at least one bite of everything on my plate. This does not occur with chocolate for some reason.
  • No.I'm a lousy cook.
  • About 99.999% of the time. I'm fortunate. I have 3 younger brothers. Our Mom was a GREAT cook! She inherited the craft and the knack from her Grandmother and Mother. The food was put in front of us and we were expected to eat ALL of it - no matter what it was. When we didn't want to eat it, this is what we were told: "Millions are starving!" I STILL haven't figured-out what that means. "We (our parents) work too hard for our money for you boys to be wasting it by not eating it." "You're going to sit there at that table until every morsel of food on that plate is gone." Eventually, I got the "food knack" from Mom. I got into the food and beverage business. Then one of my rothers "got bit by the food bug", too. We love you Mom and Gran'mom! We miss you! Rest in peace. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! A few repasts on “Memory Lane”. Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, New Haven, CT campus. Was in the Food and Beverage business over 26 years. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as “a/k/a” life’s valuable lessons.
  • yes ... i eat only what i can
  • yes. I pretty much know how much I can eat, so I only put that amount on my plate. On rare occasions I may go back for seconds, but I don't leave food on my plate.
  • Yeah, keep your fingers clear of Ec when he's 'feeding' yo...:)=(
  • No, I try to stop eating when I'm full.
  • Yes, since I always serve myself just what I want and can eat. It's not like i"ve got a parent loading up my plate.
  • I have to my Mum makes me.
  • I come from a family where we constantly heard, "There are starving people out there." We had to eat all of the food on our plates. Once I had to sit at the table for 30 minutes till I ate my beets! It was Halloween night and I wanted to go trick-or-treating. So I ate them, and discovered that I liked them!
  • No. And I never made my kids do it either. I think that mentality contributes to obesity. If I tell my kid, eat every thing on that plate, or you can't get up or have desert or whatever, then I am actually telling them that I am the one who knows whether they are full, and I am the one who controls thier appitite, not them. So then when they get older, they don't know when to stop eating, because I am not there to tell them they are full. I was forced to finish my plate as a kid, and eneded up having no bounderies as a young adult, and eating food just because it was there. I got pretty heavy. It took a long time to train myself to push away when I was full. But I started losing wait and became healthier. So I always told my kids they didn't have to clean their plate. They could push away when they were ull, so that they would be able to learn and respect their own bounderies for when they were full. I concentrated more on what they ate, than how much. They had to take at least a few bites of each thing on the plate, and there had to be at least one veggie on the plate. I usually prepared at least two veggies, so that there was no arguing over not liking a particular food. Desert was not a reward dangled as a reward for anything, it was just a normal part of dinner. To me, withholding it like a reward for something good only put it on a pedestal, and made me fixate on eating deserts as much as I could. I did not repeat that with my kids. So, in general my kids always ate enough but never put an unhealthy fixation on food. The know their own bounderies. Leftovers or unfinished plates can go in the fridge for later. That is why we have refridgerators.
  • Oh jeez no. I try to stop when I'm full.
  • Yes. That's what it's there for.
  • Though I wish, I could not do that many times.
  • I do, Iwas raised in one of those strict, working class family homes where you HAD to eat everything on your plate whether you liked it or now that I have gotten older it is hard to break the habit still...the trick for me of course is to not put a lot on my plate!
  • I try but sometimes i get full before then =/
  • I do. It has been ingrained in me. I combat it by making very small plates for us. If we need more there's seconds, but that first plate is nice and easy to clean off.
  • No, my wife and I always leave a little something as treats for our doggies.
  • I will only take what I need and usually eat everything on the plate with exception for the bones.
  • It depends on the garnish.
  • eating everything is the goal. sometimes i have to leave inedibles for the trash. a bone from a steak...i cant eat that. or fish bones. or steamed carrots from the bag of steamed vegies the cook empties onto my plate. sometimes the french fries are disgusting. i have to leave them. sorry.

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