• I am yet to :D
  • I think that although we have many loves in our life, we only have love of our life.
  • Only one time. To bad we were seperated by faith... ):
  • Just needed one time, at age 14 and he's still with me at age 53:-)
  • I was wrong several times but after searching more, found it.
  • We'll I thought my first boyfriend was my love of my life, but I was sooo wrong :) My third serious relationship made me realize what true love is. We have been dating for almost three years, and I know there is a great future ahead of us.
  • Well I thought I found it once but I turned out to be wrong and that was to only time.
  • Zero times. They keep running off.
  • surely the love of your life should only be found once?
  • I don't think that we ever really find the love of our lives, I think God blesses us with getting the opportunity to love one person a lot deeper than other times. I think that it would be ashamed to never have loved one person more than you have ever loved another because then you would never be able to understand yourself and understand what it really means to love...otherwise if you find the love of your life once and it doesn’t work, are you settling for an extreme like there after?
  • I have loved several people in my life. I am with the love of my life. :)
  • "The love of your life." When you are young... That is the person you are crazy about that doesn't always return the sentiment that you chase and suffer over as a result. "The one that gets away." When you are a little older, You try and correct that mistake with someone you love for practicle reasons. When you are even older than that... You tend to find someone who is crazy about you, more so than you are them. and that one... is always the keeper. Always...find that person that adores you and if you treat them well, even if you don't love them like nutso crazy, but just appreciate them, they will remain loyal to you and adore you forever. You can't beat that!
  • Once and I think once is enough
  • i have deeply and romantically loved a few people in my lifetime. i believe we all have the potential to have many soulmates whom we love, but not all of which are romantic in nature. of the great romantic loves, i have been fortunate enough to have found two, one of whom i am still enjoying all my days and nights with. the other love i still look forward to exploring many more creative musical experiences.
  • Once. I miss her. I hope I can find another love some day...
  • I have found that love, many years ago, and plan to keep him in my heart forever. Whether he wants me to or not.
  • A few times, probably ... unfortunately, it turned out I wasn't the love of THEIR lives, LOL.
  • Only once, about two years ago. I married her so she can't escape! Mwahahahaha! : D

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