• Training doesn't make someone more reliable than anyone else.
  • I would say "True" with a caveat. We are ALL subject to illusions, poor perspective, conflation, uncertain memory, etc. But people can be taught within particular disciplines to make better/more reliable observations than 'the man in the street'. For example, there are people make careers out of being professional food tasters. They not only taste food, but they can dissect what it is they are tasting. Their observation about whether a particular strawberry jam is better than other brands is far more reliable than a random person's judgment. Of course, if you ask them to describe the car wreck they saw on the way to work, they're in the same boat as anyone else who isn't an expert in such things.
  • sometimes but not usually... training will lead to false assumptions derived from their conditioning of popular belief... when they witness the rarer event in a set they might be trained to lend towards the majority because they don't believe the minority ever happens if they have been trained that something is not possible! false for some true for some so... true
  • it depends on what kind of training they have and how good they are at it
  • True in a way,but you do not need training. You may be a quiet person and learned things by observation all your life. You always noticed what others missed.

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