• The normal way for a cat to wash it's chin is to lick its forearm and then wipe its forearm against its head/chin/ears etc for those hard to reach places. I'm guessing he's rbbing his chin against the carpet to leave his scent there, since there is an abundance of scent glands on his head and flank (hence why he probably also brushes agianst your leg, furniture and so on). As to why he is licking it, perhaps he can smell something food related there (maybe something meaty that droped onto the floor).Or perhaps this helps to fixate his scent in the carpet fibres. Alternatively (and you may not like this), he may have done some brown business there and is cleaning it up (my cat did this when he had diarrhoea once).
  • maybe somthing good is on the carpet or maybe he has a scratch
  • He's having a shave.
  • I also lick carpet. Call me.

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