• I guess that falls into "that was the good old days". It has happened here in the USA too. It is sad that our kids will never experience those things. The drive-in theatres have been gone so long that my kids don't even know what they were, and my kids are grown.
  • There's only one skating rink where I live and no drive-ins. I've never even been to a drive-in. I think it would've been fun though. People wonder what is wrong with kids these days. I think it quite obvious.. we stuff them in front of an X-Box and leave em. When I was little we had to go play outside unless the weather was bad or we were sick. Now, kids never go outside.
  • Austrailia!Kewl! Here in Bathurst,New Brunswick,Canada, we have lost our drive- in this summer.The people who owned it couldnt affoard to do the necessary upkeep to allow it to open again.We have however just opened a new skating rink in the downtown bussiness area.It will be so neat.There are a bunch of little businesses that have opened there this year.Our kids here get a well balanced life.I'm not just bragging!They go skidooing,we have a pond in the woods that we clear off and go skating,we go tubing,the kids here have dirt bikes and four wheelers and they are on the go steady!I luv living here and raising my child here. Oh and we went to the driving every night in the summer!The big joke now is when we drive by and we say "Wanna go to the drive-in?" "Sure,whats playing?" "Closed for the Season." "Oh, I've seen it already!" The kids around here are funny!
  • Lots of less drive ins, but the ice skating rinks around her actually do pretty good. There are 2 that I know of and they both have pretty big contracts. Anahiem Ice has a contract with The Ducks, it's where they practice and Glacial Gardens pretty much runs all the amature leagues in this area.
  • Yes, all closed down here, too. There is a public ice skating rink set up in the shopping mall for a couple of months a year, but it's very expensive. We have some excellent bike and hike trails that are very well used, so there is some compensation, plus sailing and rafting on the rivers and lakes.
  • i live in england and we never really had drive in in the first place.they sound great though.there aren't many ice rinks in england either.the closest one to me is about 20 miles away.i'd love one closer so i could go every week.
  • We have no drive-in theaters anymore but there are about 14 ice skating arenas within a 50 miles radius of here.

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