• For me it's a sense of humor and a sense of adventure.
  • Knows how to have a good time. There sense of style. And personality.
  • Intellectual, personality, and spiritual
  • does how they move count as physical? ability to laugh at themself, if you can not laugh at yourself you have no bussiness laughing at others, and there are just too many stupid people in this world not to laugh at. intelegent enough to argue logicaly. there is nothing more annoying than trying to figure something out and someone thinks that feelings which usualy make it worse are the solution to the problem. owns who they are. it is maddening when someone is grouching at everyone and they think it is justified because they had a bad day. if you want someone to care about you do not make things miserable on them.
  • Cash Credit Stocks and bonds portfolio :o)
  • Personality, interests and intellect
  • Personality, a kind and gentle heart & a great sense of humor.
  • physical is not everything , top 3 3. should hv beautiful kind heart 2. sense of humor with good personality 1. lovable hmm good listner coz i m talkative
  • Sense of humor would do it for me.
  • I think how you carry youself should be number one. This would include how you dress, how you act in public..etc. Next I would say having goals set in life is attractive. If you are going somewhere or atleast striving to be a better person, it means a lot and last I would say you education. Being able to commuicate with one another would be key to any future relationship that may develop.
  • My list is probably different than many others but... Open-mindedness, honesty, and compassion for all other people.
  • sense of humor, intelligence and patience, that last parts a biggy since we are a bit slow when it comes to understanding our women ... ~Nemo~
  • strong, independant and sense of humor
  • Me personally I look for neatness; and I'm not talking about wearing a bunch of fancy clothing. I'm talking about personal hygiene. She doesn't need to be sophisticated or highly educated, but she must display common sense. Another thing I look for in a woman is respect. I cannot deal with disrespectful women. I want the same--no more, no less--respect I will give her. That goes without saying.
  • Intelligent, independent and kind. All of those qualities have me sold.
  • Whatever a woman has to offer, some man's going to appreciate it, even a penis. We don't live in a cookie cutter world, There is a place for everyone, and much to value. Trying to pick out a few traits which are more popular smacks of corporate values - find those things which are most popular and target those. Anyone else who doesn't fit standard size shoes is screwed. Their feet are the wrong size. And if you're a woman (or man...) be yourself. There is little of value in trying to be 'right' for the masses.
  • Sense of humor is big for me. But not just any sense of humor. I want a girl who can make me speechless by making some horribly offensive and cruel but clever remark about my sexual prowess or something equally funny. I like to have somebody I can laugh with and doesn't take themselves to seriously. Somebody who cares about knowledge and learning and just self-improvement in general. I need a girl who has an above average intellect, loves to read, and also has some goals and dreams that she has set for herself. Low maintenance. I don't like arguing, I don't feel like I should always have to spend alot of money on a girl, (although, I actually enjoy doing it from time to time) and I can't stand clingy people. I want somebody who already has self confidence and is happy with who they are. Not somebody who expects me to be their happiness or fulfill their impossible expectations for a storybook romance.
  • Patience Compassion Generosity

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