• Power steering and brake fluid are basically the same. They are both hydraulic fluids meant to do similar jobs. Any damage that may occur is probably vehicle specific.
  • If you just added a small amount they should mix with no major problem. Both are hydraulic oils, but brake fluid is lighter; each has its on specs for viscosity, additives, ... To be completely safe have the brake fluid bled/changed, which should be done anyway when it turns dark. Last time I had it done at Brake Check for about $30 (local shop wanted $75).
  • The only real damage that could happen might be to the seals and O-rings if the power-steering fluid was chemically different to the brake fluid. Certain compounds are used in these seals to make them resistant to whatever fluid they are normally used with. Other chemicals can (quickly or slowly) eat them away.
  • A small amount to "topoff" the brake cylinder, should do no damage. Any larger amount could adversly effect the seals. The brakes are the lifeline of an automobile. Are you willing to take this gamble?
  • get it out , it can and will swell your seals causing leaks
  • It would take very little time. Unless you could get it out as soon as you put it in I would suggest you replace the master cylinder. It is not worth the risk.
  • You need to flush ALL of that stuff out of your break lines with break fluid promptly. Power steering fluid is not break fluid. The devices that are operated by the the different fluids are designed to operate using a specific fluid. Engineers actually sit down and calculate all of this stuff. Follow the manufacturers recommendations. Be wary. Just because somebody heard it from Bubba down at the auto-parts store doesn't mean you can depend on it.

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