• Yes, I gave up my chair in the doctor's waiting room so a mother and her two daughters could sit together.
  • Yes, I helped a wheel-chair bound woman collect her groceries from higher shelves for a few isles at the supermarket.
  • I'm not sure, but I smiled today like every other day. I smile at everyone I see, just to brighten their day. If someone smiles at me, it makes me feel good. So I do the same. I think that could be a way of helping someone.
  • I picked up some magazines that a man knocked off the shop counter, but he didnt say thanks. In fact he stood and watched me do it. But I couldnt have left them on the floor and stepped over them.
  • I suppose every time I answered the phone at work I indirectly helped a stranger. In traffic I am polite and let people out when given the chance but actually two people today were nice and let me out. For whatever reason, people usually approach me in department stores and ask me things as if I work there and if I know the answer to their question, I help them out.
  • I think my job requires me to help strangers. I work with the public. Apart from that, I didn't do anything else that would constitute as helping a stranger.
  • I was in the mall, I gave some one directions to a store they where looking for.
  • No i didn't, i'm a horrible person (and havn't left the house) But i did sign up to help out at a local youth shelter.
  • yes, I have answered questions here all morning
  • Not yet,but the day is young.
  • Not yet, I kinda just woke up... But, I went crazy yesterday and bought a few boxes of soap at the dollar store... Maybe I'll pass them out to random stinky people. Would that count as helping a stranger?
  • I helped a blind man walk across 3 streets. no one was willing to help a dissheveled man.... some people....its disgusting....there but for the grace of G-d....
  • I'm a teacher. I and others like me will be, indirectly, helping strangers for generations to come.
  • yes, i helped a lady find christmas gifts for almost every girl in her family, and afew for herself.
  • I offered a ride to a homeless army vet today. It was 2am, cold outside, and he needed a ride to his buddy's place to get some food. In his eyes, I saw the spark of God, and I couldn't let him walk. When you know thyself, you see God in everyone. Peace!

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