• Why do you think it's going downhill? I love Family Guy and I think the newer episodes are better than the older ones. I think it's hilarious and I like how they're so unprejudiced about who and what they make fun of.
  • If you've ever watched other 'edgy' shows that try and push the envelope, when they come back for their second season, they usually go over the top, trying too hard to impress the viewers by being shocking. The thing with Family Guy is that they remained very consistent for those first few years, not resorting to shock tactics. It was only once they came backfrom cancellation that they went into pushing-the-envelope-for-pushing-the-envelope's sake. Come on, Cleveland's wife cheating with Quagmire, there wasn't a single laugh that entire edpisode. I even predicted that they'd make some rape humor, and sure enough, within a few episodes they did (both male and female). That and the episodes advance so slowly because there are way too many 'remember-when...' or 'that's-almost-as-bad-as...' flashback moments.
  • Season 4.

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