• AKA oxycontin (or, as some people call it oxyCoffin) is most definitely NOT available without a prescription. Its an opiod analgesic which is fancy talk for BIG TIME PAIN pill. Its usually prescribed to people with cancer and/or severe chronic pain. Its very potent and VERY addictive. Be very, very wary of it.
  • oxycodone is a powerful narcotic used for chronic pain such as cancer, severe back injuries, etc. no, it is not legal without a prescription... oh,i thought you said oxycontin, oxycodone isn't as strong but is used for some of the same things, it's almost the same, thing only differences are, ( percocet has tylenol in it)and percodan( has asprin in it). oxycontin is a lot stronger. oxycodone is used for moderate to severe pain and oxycontin is used for severe pain. both are very addictive so be really careful. if they're not yours you really shouldn't take them.
  • okay, oxycodone is a pain killer and no it isn't legal to have w/o a precription. just trying to help/answer your question. no problem. i honestly thought it was a pretty good answer. i'm currently in a pharmacist program, so, anytime you need any advice, you just let me know. lady obvious. or was the question a joke, jokes on me.
  • No, you cannot purchase oxycodone, aka percocet, online without a prescription. It is illegal to sell controlled medications (vicodin, valium, percocet, etc) online with out a physical exam and in-person pharmacy pick up. You can, however, buy non-controlled medications, including some pain medications, online from a pharmacy that is located in the US (so they have to adhere to FDA regulations) and works with licensed doctors to issue you a prescription. Here is an example of one:

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