• Well, being an Australian, I can honestly say that I don't care what they would think. The people who colonised this continent were a bunch of murderers who killed off the people who were here first and treated women badly. I'd say that modern society, with all its complex niches, would be so complicated that they simply wouldn't be able to comprehend it and their heads would a'splode.
  • Our forefathers are probably rolling in their graves as they speak. The people blindly follow the gov't, which is exactly what EVERYONE back then (mainly Washington) stated NOT to do. Washington stated, "do not have political parties" we have political parties. Jackson did everything right by killing the central bank, then Wilson signs it back in...then later regrets it. Now our money is made by a private government and is made OUT of debt. We fear the gov't, the gov't doesn't mean the people... We have the right to overthrow and we're too blind to do it. We are really in need of someone like Ron Paul to recall the days of our forefathers to stand up and really get the Constitution back in check. We have lost multiple rights in the bill of rights. Youtube: Bob Barr Constitution Blackout. As T. Jefferson said, "When the government fears the people that's liberty...when the people fear the gov't thats tyranny".
  • That it has been overthrown by gundi and his gang. Because of all the immigrants from there running the government.
  • They would all kill themselves
  • They would be apalled so many people have rights.
  • I think they would be sick. Look at it, we get striped of our constitutional rights all the time. Freedom of speech, but you cant say this word or this one. right to bear arms, but you cant have this kind of gun cause we said so. Its sick, and i honestly think our government today is corrupt, and the people who founded it would not be pleased to see what we have become
  • I think they would be dissappointed, especially with the way people try to interpret the consitution for their own gains. They pretty much had the same vision in the late 1700s.
  • Most of them would be too pissed about a black president to notice anything else.
  • some things, they would be proud of. like, abolition of slavery, and england not revolting ever. other things, like perhaps wasting resources and not liking our leaders anymore and always finding their faults... not so proud.
  • probably not much

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