• The biggest one is obvious: You're a lousy cook.
  • It's too intimate.
  • I would like to have a SECOND date and homicide would sort of put a damper on a good time.. LOL
  • 1st of all, I;m not a great cook & I would run him off. Secondly, if the guy was an a-hole, he would be expecting you to cook for him on a regular basis. Going out for dinner is the best course.
  • Personal safety- I think it's better to meet someone in a public place on a first date, rather than in the confines of their house or your's, which is usually the case when cooking for someone is involved.
  • It immediately places you in a nurturing position.
  • A trip to the ER due food poisoning caused by undercooked meat is always a turn off.
  • because he may think you like to cook and expect it.
  • I've cooked for people on the first date before. Worked out well. But: 1. I'd met and had drinks with them before. 2, I did all the prep work beforehand so my cooking didn't distract from our being together. 3. I probed for food likes/dislikes beforehand for the obvous reasons. 4. I enjoy cooking and do OK. I'm not a gormet chef-I'm a cook-but I didn't come off as a klutz and/or ruin things. 5. I didn't do it on the cheap. It was simple but comprable to what you'd get at a good restaurant (want my menue). 6. I'm not a woman so there was limited expectation of it being a recurring event.
  • You don't know WHAT food allergies they have.
  • I like to cook, but fortunately after our first date which included a round of golf, and dinner at a chain restauarant, I found out she is a pescetarian. Otherwise, I would have been grilling steaks on the grill. Wouldn't have been good. Now I grill a lot of fish when she stops by.
  • If she enjoys it, it might be a hard act to follow. I'd be expected to cook on almost every subsequent date.
  • You should not cook for a first date if the last person you cooked for ended up in the hospital.
  • On a first date the right thing is for the gentleman to ask the lady out to a nice place. Taking a first date to your home and cooking for him is more or less the same as having sex on the first date, in other words it is like showing you are desperate to please him. Not a good idea. Regards.
  • you don't know for sure what they really like or how they like things cooked or if maybe they have any food allergies...i think it's probably better to have a few meals out first and pick up on these kinda things :)
  • I'll give you 10: 1. They could file false sexual assault charges on you later. Better to go to a public place. 2. I can't make sushi.....Yet. :evil glare: 3. Your Mom. 4. I could see a grease burn or something occuring. Not romantic. 5. I have room mates. 6. Dishes. Seriously, who wants to deal with that shit the first night you meet someone? 7. If, you burn, or screw something up, you're not at the stage yet where you can both laugh about it. Instead you just look like an idiot. 8. I cook in only an apron. 9. Women are unable to resist my apron outfit and it just doesn't seem fair. :flex: 10. That might seem kind of creepy coming from a guy. "Hey, come to my house.....Alone.....I will cook you stuff......and this isn't a sleezy attempt to get you in to bed at all. :pelvic thrust:"
  • Because every time I do, they never leave my house, and I don't have anywhere else to put the bodies.
  • mmm... perhaps you look better than you cook?
  • Because (in my opinion) I can't cook.
  • I can't really think of a good reason. You can always talk to someone about what they like, and for sure I would before I'd go out with them. And I'd love to invite someone over for a cookout with other friends. Even a picnic in the busy town park would be fun and not intimidating if you know how to cook, and no one needs to get all dressed up. Just a good time talking and walking or whatever in daylight.
  • I can't really see 100% why not, maybe because you are lazy or something of the sort, or just not feeling it. I'm a pretty fine cook though, so maybe I would =). Haven't tried it yet though.
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeeee ... #1 reason is he's still a stranger ... be a good judge of character ok
  • It is too early on for her to be comfortable alone with you at your own house. She may like you, but she also does not know you that well yet. She will probably think that you are trying to sleep with her on the first date. She might think that you are trying to impress her. I usually do coffee for the first date. No reason to spend a lot of time in preparation for a date. You might not even like this girl by the end. Just too many unknown variables.
  • That's kind of sketch, I'd rather meet someone in a PUBLIC setting. Just in case...
  • You have no idea what food they like. They could be like a little kid and only eat mac and cheese but you made fondue.
  • Stomach pumping at the ER typically starts things off bad.

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