• You really think so one would tell the Bishop
  • I was asked if I enjoyed porn or liked to walk around naked, but I had to disappoint the stake pres and say NO
  • I was already in fear of a confession, but now doing a face to face is SO OUT. ;) jk
  • Since the Church never discloses reasons that this individual or that was denied a temple recommend (or even that they applied for one), then I cannot answer this question. The Bishop and Stake President don't normally delve into your sex life unless you expound upon the question about the Law of Chastity.
  • I have Baptist friends who get Temple recomends from Temple workers in the DC temple and they go there to see the actual endowment. One guy ( a gov't employee taped the whole thing. It happens all the time. Jeepy
  • When I was a catholic the priest told us at pre-canna that anal sex was a no no. Oral was ok but only as foreplay not as a substitute. An LDS Urologist told me Cunnilingus was FILTHY. When I was second counselor I used to get people calling me all the time about that. My answer was if it's not being forced....When in doubt Punt. I forgot more about the church and the inner working than most of you will ever know. Show some respect. I just don't believe it anymore.
  • Its a fiure of speach. Altough women look hot in the silky lookin garments
  • not me but youre probably not the only one

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