• No, but it's my factor in choosing a man.
  • I prefer to do the cooking.
  • I think in today's world they are factors in a wife choosing a husband.
  • absolutly. i like to cook my self, but it is a factor know ing that i wont have to be the one who cooks everything in the house for the rest of the marriage. as for the cleaning, it is nice to share and take turns. after all, the guy is going to be hellping to make the messes so he should know how to help clean them up.
  • nope.. cuz i cant cook, and i make sure we both do the cleaning and everything..
  • I would hope not. If both are working I would hope that the man had the same skills.
  • It's not a must, but it's a plus!
  • Not as much as it used to but it might help in his decision if he is a klutz at housework and cooking.
  • Yes. I've watched men leave they're wives over such disputes. If your not working, and not a home maker, what effort are you putting in then?
  • I think both men and women should be as self-sufficient as possible. That way they aren't in the position of "needing" a man or woman in order to function. They're free to be with someone they WANT rather than someone they need.
  • Some do...Everybody looks for something different in a partner. If a man is looking for a maid to emotionally commit himself to than he will find her, and at the same time there are women out there who enjoy doing domestic things for their partners and who seek out men who look for the traits they possess. While that type of relationship wouldn't appeal to all, it is right for some .
  • I look more into tits, legs, and ass
  • I thought they were just looking for some to love, and then the rest comes later. Silly me.
  • No one wants to marry a slob, or a mother who won't keep the baby or the bottles clean. These are good factors to find out for the woman and the man.
  • To some degree. I don't wanna have to pick up after him constantly, he would have to be neat to a point where I don't feel like Im not living with a child. Cooking and cleaning can be chores that are done together or take turns doing. Having the general discipline of"cleaning up after yourself" is something I'd want him to do though. I am not his mother or maid.
  • i think so.
  • You say when "choosing a wife" not choosing house help, so I would say it would be quite unfair to do the contrary. Both husband and wife should be self sufficient in these tasks. Regards.
  • I do not think so. It would be good to know but not essential. Modern homes would require both husband and wife to share in the domestic chores.
  • Sadly the answer should be YES. I am not a sexist, but thank God my wife has those skills and can run our household. Otherwise I would be in deep dodo.
  • No. I think they look for a hottie. On the other hand, speaking as a woman, it certainly was a factor in my choosing a husband!
  • That depends on what kind of man you are dating. I am dating a hispanic guy, they tend to be pampered by their mothers.... a lot. In our relationship, I cook I clean, he does the manly things. He was married before me, and he told me one of the things his wife lacked was the ability to be a woman. She didn't cook she didn't clean. He does help out, and sometimes cooks too, but over all I do. He tells me I am the one. I guess some old fashion things never change.
  • "Homemaking" is a female instinct. The "old fashioned" idea that women run the home and men go out to work is something that has developed over millions of years because these roles best fit the male/female way of thinking. It would be a good idea if men checked that their prospective partner was at least willing to learn homemaking skills. I know a few men who do a full time job and everything in the house as well, because they followed their dick and married a lazy woman.
  • as a husband my answer would be that when a woman is willing to cook clean etc ......... and/or willing to learn to is more of a factor than the ability - if you cant cook but atleast you try - and hes not starving to death then hes a lucky man - if you wont cook and he has the initiative to get up and cook himself something- then thats a plus for him but the 2 of you arent right for eachother !

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