• Charles Darwin - Evolution
  • Einstein - and i hear he 'studied' Marilyn Monroe.
  • There are just so many. I could go on and on. This is my answer, Stephen Hawking. Theoretical Physics. Why? I believe all of the great thinkers have inspired him, and though he faces daily challenges, he has managed to become one of the smartest, and most respected physicists in the world. I am sure all of the great scientists in world history have taken a part in his quest for knowledge. * If I had to really get thoughtful, Caveman has to have been one the most important scientists in the history of mankind. FIRE!!!
  • Nikola Tesla an inventor, a mechanical and an electrical engineer.
  • George Washington Carver. Carver’s scientific discoveries included more than three hundred different products derived from the peanut, some one hundred from sweet potatoes, about seventy-five from pecans, and many more including crop rotation. Interesting man!

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