• When couples are out together and one is on the cell phone,ignoring the other and usually talking really loud.
  • Misplaced values, life has become nothing more than the pursuit of financial gain. Or so it sometimes seems.
  • anonymous Downraters
  • Poverty, the enlargement between rich and poor, the exctiniction of middle class, and police brutality. The justice system itself makes me sick, and the government's treatment of children who have been abused or neglected.
  • That the only important thing seems to be monetary gain. What ever happened to doing the right thing. That's the most important thing any of us can do . . . the right thing.
  • People taking advantage of governmental giveaways (unemployment, welfare etc) without even making attempts to better their situation. Living on the dole at the expense of others.
  • People being exploited simply because someone wants more than the other guy! People that have never worked a moment in their lives but they receive everything handed to them,while others break their backs for the merest of returns!Greed,exploitation of the weak,and the lust for power with no expectation that the other side of it includes the responsibility that you have to respect the minority opinion!
  • The lack of compassion for others in the world.
  • The complete lack of accountability of people. Things are never their fault, even when they commit crimes it is the systems fault, it is the victims fault, etc. People need to be accountable for their actions and pay the price for their bad behavior.
  • Merchandise that is not as good as it use to be . Food with fillers and chemicals. Cheaply made stuff. Things just are not the way they use to be. Its all about the mighty dollar and greed. Its too bad.
  • The miscommunication between teenagers and adults. It's going to have severe consequences for the next generation.
  • Discrimination of all kinds.
  • Actually people not resigning when they should.
  • Maybe it's just me but it seems like everywhere i look there's a child missing or killed or being molested or locked in a basement for 20 years. I don't understand why people have to go for the one's that are helpless. It makes me sick to think of things some people do now. It's obviously the easiest target, but c'mon it screws up their whole lives.
  • Building bombs to kill thousands at once, but unable to end poverty and hunger.
  • People who do nothing and expect everything
  • Racism, every day the media bombards us with reminders that we should hate are fellow human beings because they look different. and people whine and b!tch about the littlest things just because it involves a different color person. look at don imus, he looses his job and is reviled in the media for making a stupid comment yet i see every day black people calling each other the N word, B word, F@g word and much more, carlos mencia makes jokes about race, mental retardation and handicapped persons and everyone laughs. but you put a white man on stage and give him the same material, that boy won't make it of stage alive. why is "nappy headed ho's" a firring offense while "G, dog. you knows you my n!gger" is an accepted greeting can't we all just GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!! p.s. i can say the N word cause I'm half back, so there. blatttthhhhhh......
  • The homeless not having anywhere to go to at night.
  • Stinking affluence at one side and abysmal poverty in the other side.
  • People who believe that there's so many problems with the world and everyone needs to change, while those people have issues themselves that they won't acknowledge.
  • Where I live, we have drunks (the council calls them binners), who are drunk in public 24/7, pushing shopping carts full of bottles, clothing, panhandling etc, the whole world should be united, instead of Steven Harper and George W. Bush sending people to war (which had nothing to do with us anyways), why don't we combine our manpower, to help, or force, these vagrants to find employment, or at least help society instead of milking it dry?
  • lack of integrity
  • depends. i'd guess lack of morals or concern for fellow man would be general enough to get the gist across.
  • Cynicism.
  • the rich and the big corportations get richer and the poor work themselves to death and continue to get poorer and then the rich and rich corporations complain if you ask them to donate time or a little money to help someone get on their feet. that and the judgment of people. People love to judge others when they don't know the situation..they love to assume that all homeless and anyone on welfare are just lazy bums who don't want to want and just want handouts. They don't even want to consider the circumstances that may have put them loss of job, loss of spouse, illness, medical bills, etc. they just judge.

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