• ( Try Myer
  • You might get one lightly used, but not unused.
  • What style are you looking for? For modern/contemporary, try here: For $250, try For $379 try this: For $399, try this: You can also try IKEA
  • Believe it or not, I got a great plush couch for 250 at big lots. It's not a guarantee but occassionally you can find great things there.
  • Target, Pier One, and WalMart often have great sales. Some local stores may have outlets in your area, and there are often furniture outlets listed in your local paper.
  • Do you have a JC Penny Outlet store? I got an awesome leather sofa there for $260. It was originally $899. Nothing was wrong with it, it's a beautiful couch.
  • Try Big Lots, they carry a great line of furniture for a good price.
  • you could build one with several large sacks of styrofoam pellets from united parcel packaging...or another such industry. sew a king size sheet into a pillow case shape and fill it with pellets. it would be cheap and comfy.

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