• No. I borrowed The Wizard Of Oz off my nephew recently, to try that 'Dark Side Of Oz' thing with Pink Floyd, and there is no-one dead in the background. I don't even think the tree's in that scene are real anyway.
  • I heard about that and apparently it's true but it can only be seen in the extreme early versions of the film. These versions are not available these days so of course people will say that it's not on there, however, I can not be sure. Many say that it is a large unusual looking bird stretching its wings and as exotic birds were used for the film this seems highly likely. Something that defends the fact that it is false is that all of the forest scenes were filmed before the munchkin scenes, therefore none of the munchkins would have been on the set, but this doesn't mean that it wasn't a crew member. I guess that you have to see the film and draw conclusions for yourself. It will however remain one of the film industry's most widely known misconceptions! Just to add some useless trivia, "Auntie Em" played by Clara Blandick committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills in 1962.
  • listen on the newies version of the wizard of oz with the darkside THEY CUT IT OUT. it is a bird in that scene. watch this video. you can see the munchkin swaying back and forth. and its not dancing. when it closes up. in the left corner.
  • that is very debaitable some people say it is a bird some say say it is a munchkin but there are clips on you tube about both
  • No. There were animals that were roaming the set and what you see in the distance is one of the animals. If it had been someone hanging themselves, don't you think the actors would of reacted. And, if they reacted, don't you think that they would have reshot the scene?
  • No.

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