• Many cats like water. After you're done, let the water run in a trickle, back off and see what happens.
  • Your cat just wants to be with and near you, especially if you work all day. The cat is trying to get your affection and attention so it doesn't matter where you are it loves you honey. ~Sister Rock
  • lol that is a cat for you!!! My cat will stand on the counter in the bathroom when I am doing my hair and she will put her paws on my shoulders and rub her face on mine!!! She HUGS me it is so cute!! cats are loving creatures and they express it in weird ways!!!
  • 9-30-2017 That depends on whether you have anything that hangs, dangles or swings.
  • Hmm! Wants to help?
  • he likes you, i think its cute, i was wondering if you were the same person on yahoo answers that would ask similar questions, just curious

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