• I think once. When we were in Vietnam, a police officer came to us and told us that people were not allowed to take pictures while standing very near the Saigon City Hall.
  • One night long ago I was doing 120 plus in a Lincoln Mark V in a 45 zone at about three in the morning ( I was absolutely sober too) and blew by a 7-11 that just got held up. About 5 miles down the road after I slowed down and the cops caught up...needless to say it was a very interesting stop.
  • Too close for comfort, leeks. I am not proud of the fact that I did steal (petty theft) in college, and they didn't turn me over to the cops, for expulsion was enough.
  • When I was a child, I threw a snowball at a car and the driver yelled that he was sending the police. It scared me, and my Dad said it served me right, because it is very dangerous to throw snowballs at cars.

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