• I love to make homemade tomato soup in a slow cooker. Fresh tomatoes[or canned], v8 juice, onions, garlic, basil, a few teaspoons of green chilies and my secret ingredient...1/4 cup salsa. You have to have grilled cheese with this soup.
  • We're a very soupy family, Logybren. I can make soup out of most anything. Usually I use it as a vehicle for know, if I have leftover roast beef, I'll make beef and barley soup..left over pork, maybe Mexican Albondigas, except instead of meatballs shredded pork..we always have tons of veggies around, so whatever soup I make will usually include veggies to a greater or lesser extent. In wintertime we like heavier soups..potato and corn chowder is a favorite. I use low sodium chicken broth as a base and add to it whatever I have available. I also save pot liquor from steaming veggies, freeze it and put that in soups for added nutrition. We love noodles, so chicken noodle soup is a favorite, using leftover chicken. I make bean soup with leftover beans and refried beans. Our favorite spices are cumin, spicy curry powder, turmeric, Old Bay seasoning, Pico de Gallo, dried mint. I use dried mint in a yogurt-based soup with barley. I've never made a fruit soup, though! :) ((hugs))
  • From scratch. I simmer my meats with the veggies and spices for atleast 2/3 hours to make the stock for the base and then work on the stock to make the "soup of the day"
  • Go through the fridge everything thats about to expire goes in the mix

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