• it said 2010, on also, I heard something about a new series, but a different story line, with some different characters. It's not coming out for a long time. I'm totally obsessed with Zuko by the way.
  • I also heard 2010. I'm really excited because they are supposed to be filming part of it near Philly (where I live) and M. Knight Shamaylan (sp?) is supposed to be directing and I LOVE him and I MET him last time he was filming near here and... I just CAN NOT WAIT!
  • Not sure... but Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko are currently working on a Avatar live-action movie that is adaptation of Book 1: Water :)
  • yah they probably will.
  • I don't know which Avatar movies you're talking about. The James Cameron avatar movies have been pushed back to 2019 or something crazy like that. I expect my children's children to be able to see it in the theatre (if they still exist then).

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