• cant do that wont let ya .Ive been dr a lot latley .They got nothing better do do lol :)
  • Because you would be letting them win! Stay and fight! : ) Besides, we would miss you! : )
  • Don't worry about it. By the way, there's no such thing as a -6 downrate.
  • Because your a better person than they are. The points are nice to have but theres so many other reasons for being here.
  • I'm wondering why you even keep your rating turned on if it bothers you. If you are enjoying your time here asking/answering what else matters?
  • Fuck them. It's a part of Answerbag, sorta like how eating oranges gets your fingers all sticky, nothing more, and really nothing bad. So come on, just stay. :) I'm sure you can think of other things on this site besides those assrods, things that are fun and constructive.
  • Is there any way you can ignore the points, whether positive or negative? Driving you away would probably give pleasure to whoever is doing this and why would you want to do that? I don't pay attention to points that much. The person who DR's is angry, jealous, mean-spirited or, why would you let someone like that dictate your actions? I'd miss you and I'm sure many others would as well. Too many people have allowed themselves to be driven away by the unkind/negative actions of others and I think that stinks. If you have friends with whom you communicate on a consistent basis, why not keep on keeping on? The DR's show up on a person's profile..these people are announcing to the world who/what they are. It really has nothing to do with anyone but them! Happy Friday, my friend! Hope you hang in there! :) ((hugs))
  • Because this site kicks ass! Turn off your ratings if it will help you forget about the jerk(s). Remember the things you like about the site, and the wonderful people you meet. Don't let someone negative turn you away from something positive. Hugssssssssssssss and I am going on a posi-troll safari through your questions and answers. :P :D
  • Please, please, please do not leave and deprive me of your yoda dog. Don't make me beg now :)
  • I know the trolls have hit you in the past. I have never seen a reason for this, you seem like a good ABer. I hope you decide to stay and ignore the trolls, don't let them win.

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