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  • 9-12-2017 It looks bad, sports fans. Scientists can't even keep straight on the differences between theory, hypothesis, conjecture, and fudging the data. For instance, Edwin Hubble noticed that light from some galaxies was red shifted, but he did not suggest any cause for that. Somebody else assumed it was the Doppler effect, and those galaxies are moving away from us at impossible speeds. Instead of nailing the stupid assumption, scientists have built an entire body of bullshit based on it. Another example: You can go to and look up "Ian Oort" to see that he invented dark matter specifically to fudge his data to agree with his assumptions. Again, this has been turned into a foundation of astronomy, even though by definition it is not science. Albert Einstein fudged his data to agree with his assumptions. Isaac Newton fudged his data to agree with his assumptions. Science has such a lousy reputation it's surprising that anybody would admit to specializing in that field.

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