• I went to a Barns & Noble in Tampa, Florida a few years ago to meet Piers Anthony and get his autograph. I drove down from South Carolina for the weekend, just for that. Piers is mostly known for his fantasy books, specifically his Xanth series. He has several others out there, though.
  • I went to a ukulele convention in Indy once, no one famous there the general masses would have heard of. Also, in the next town or so over, I went to a Road Atlas show a few years ago. Picked up a beauty there!!!
  • A Star Trek Convention in New York City when I was 15. I met the actors who played Scotty, Uhura and Sulu.
  • When I was a teenager, I attended several Bay Area Comics/Comix Conventions. I had the thrill to see Ray Bradbury there one year.
  • It all started with my father, who was president of the Society of American Magicians. I was his stage assistant. I've been to so many different conventions it would be impossible to list them all. Every time I think I have done, I remember another one. I was an event co-ordinator for many years and a presenter in several of them My costume designs won awards in others. I met a lot of the cast and writers of the original Star Trek series, and they bought some of my costume designs. My former brother in law is a famous author, and my youngest son is named after a major character in a popular book of the 1970's in honor of the author, who was a good friend of ours. In later years, I was given awards for my craft work, and invited to the Maker's Fair in San Bruno to act as a user representative by a major competitor of AB. I have worked and been a panel member in conventions in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, San Antonio, and Las Vegas.
  • I went to a sports card convention once replete with athletes. I was too anxious at the time to meet any of them.
  • I've been to several Star Trek conventions. My favorite is Shore Leave in Baltimore each July. It's the world's biggest 100% fan-run convention.
  • I try to catch as many music instrument manufacturer expos as I can. Most recently I went to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. I love to try all the new toys out. Some day I want to get into the NAMM show here in the States.
  • I got into the Pokemon craze briefly when I was a kid. I grew up during the time when it was big. They had some kind of mall tour that I went to. Basically the reason I went because the only way to upgrade your Pokemon Game Boy game was to go there and they would download it somehow, I don't remember exactly how it went. It was fun at the time. Its crazy when you think of how big it was with kids back then. There were well over 3000 kids there at the time. And all of them were willing to stand in line for at least two hours to get this new game.

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