• One thing cranberry juice does is reduce the ability of E.coli bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder and urethra, and it helps stop new bacteria from developing in the urinary tract Cranberry juice does way more, and you can read more about it here: (and watch your spelling...)
  • It has a lot of anti-oxidants.
  • It makes you have to piss alot and it cleans out your kidneys but it doesnt clean out the part of your body that has most of the THC in it, your body fat
  • dont know i was trying to see from somebody else cause i tryin to look for the information cause i need it shawty
  • Cranberries have been used to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections and kidney infections. They have found that the 'thing' in cranberries is different than in other foods and better able to do this than anything else. They also know that it can change the shape of e. coli. Theydon't really understand why. Recent studies suggest that it may promote gastrointestinal and oral health, prevent the formation of kidney stones, lower LDL and raise HDL (good) cholesterol, aid in recovery from stroke, macular degeneration and even help prevent cancer. ANd they think it may be effective against herpes simplex virus that causes genital herpes.
  • I am not sure what you are wanting to clean out. If you mean drugs, then no. Those pills are mostly designed to help with the urinary tract infections.. not clean out residue of illegal substances. It is more successful in treating or preventing UTIs in children. It can clean out some junk and flush it but not drugs so please do not rely on them to help you pass a test.. if that is what you are asking. Edits- Taking pills over drink not always a good thing.. here is a good article
  • Cranberry juice and extract acidify your urine, to aid in preventing infection. It is also a natural diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more. It will NOT "clean out" your system in any way.
  • I always thought that cranberry pills work on the kidneys. Sauerkraut does a job on my other system.
  • no. the only thing that has worked for me was water. or use clean piss, powderd urine or urine additives ( you can find those things online)
  • they worked 4 me.i did'nt smoke for 32 days....i smoked once...then had a drug test about a week later...took about 5 canberry pills aday and passes....but i think it depends on how much drugs u use
  • On the bottle of cranberry pills it states "Helps support a healthy urinary tract" which means it will clean out bacteria and anything thats not supposed to be in the urinary tract (like drugs) then it will clean it out. It worked for me i took 4 500mg of niacin and 2 500mg of cranberry pills and drank a lot of water and green tea and passed my drug test.
  • I took lots of them and drank lots of H2o and I passed my UA
  • i take cranberry pills along with niacin. it works if you do it right (:
  • hell yea cranberry pills work get the 500mg and drink 2-3 gallons of water every day and u will be clean 1 a day with the 500mg cranberry pills
  • You should simply refuse to take the test. you reserve the right to privacy. start calling out quotes from the constitution. But they will most likely probably just fire/ not hire you/dishonorable discharge you. On the note of taking a test... Your better off just abstaining for a while,... and store a bunch of urine ahead of time in the freezer. The tests are designed to be accurate and tamper proof. Why would they make the tests if they were so easy to beat? -maybe find a medication that can screw with the test results? I used to take anti-acid tablets (prescription canada) that supposedly caused false positives for THC. just say you have been taking it and ask to postpone the test. Hope i helped :)
  • Yes!!!!!!!!! with lots of water n moderate exercise to boost your metabolism so you can sweat it out much faster.bout 2 weeks.
  • don't listen to these other asses, you need a ggod combo of things to clean out your system start the night before drinking lots of water bout 8 qts the day before test with 1 shot of vinegar you will urinate frequently which is what you want then first thing in the morning start with the water again cranberry juice and blueberry juice will help as well but don't forget to at least 50/50 the h2o, do 1 shot of vinegar bout 1 1/2 hour before the test and then 20 min before drink a coffee gradually with water, ONLY GIVE WHAT THEY NEED, i have done this with having thc in my system up to 3 days before a test and passing everytime i am 13-0 with this system. and for all you dumb asses if you do not know don't give dumb answers thanx mrmann3.
  • i think every person that has answered this question is 1 of 2 things. stupid or a liar. anybody with limited intelligence knows thc is stored in fat cells. vineger? cranberry juice? niacin? gallon after gallon of water? sweat it out?????? people are sooo cluelesss. the only way to clean your system is stop smokin, lower calorie/fat intake, excersise burning the fat you body has already stored. anyone who says they consistantly pass, always pass, or make absurd suggestions such as im 13-0 are lyin or one hitter quitters. these people probably smoke once every 6 months and consider themselves if you smoke half as much as i used to and have any less then 3 weeks to clean out your system your screwed buddy. good luck.
  • the dumbest thing ive read here is sweat it out, sweat is your bodys air conditioning system not to get rid of toxins, thc is stored in your fat, if your a really over weight person thc will be stored in your body a lot longer, if your an athlete or at least have a low fat % and work out regularly you will be clean a lot sooner. cranberry and all that other shit wont "clean" you out, all it is a diuretic so you will piss a lot more, exercising is what will clean you out along with drinking water and cranberry juice will help it along because it will get out of your bladder. the best thing to do is work out up until about a day or two until your test, drink a lot of water and piss as much as you can, and then just sit for the last couple days and dont do a damn thing, piss, drink, and sit, the less active you are the last day the better because your fat wont be getting burned and thc released into your blood then to your piss make sense? and anyone who recommends niacin i personally dont know if it helps, but i can tell you from personal experience it is one of the worst feelings ive had, itchyness, red blots, and you feel like your skin is on fire, so yea if you can avoid that be sure to.
  • as far as cranberry pills..yeah they work..but personally ive only taken them with 'flush free'niacin...that way you dont experienve the burning or itching feeling...and of course drdinks lots n lots of water..thats the key..pee pee pee..
  • well not sure about thc, but i was on anti-biotic & my doctor told me to stop taking my cranberry pills until my prescription ran out, a week then i could take them again, i asked why and he said they would be flush out of my system. i take 1000mg super cran due to bad kidneys
  • I smoked a week before my court date then I went to football camp sweated my ass off for 3 days all day everyday and drank nothing but water then when I got home 3 days before my court date I drank nothing but cranberry juice and water I was peein about every 15-30 minutes. I dropped today about 45 min. ago. think I passed?
  • It will help u fly and get super powers!!!!!

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