• Because they had a draft back then.
  • To get the opposition all shook up?
  • Because he was the right age at the time they were you think he shouldn't have been?
  • Luck of the draw?
  • He was eligible for the draft. And he actually went when his number was called.
  • At that time almost all young men about his age who were not students or had deferments were drafted.
  • They needed his swiveling hips to shock the Nazis into submission -- and it worked!
  • all young men of draft age got drafted
  • Back then nearly everybody was. Two years service to the country was pretty much required for most men. I'm surprised they waited until he was 21.
  • His Schyster manager/friend, col Tom Parker said it would be good for his career. Elvis found out later that Parker used it as an opportunity to steal from him. Elvis thought Parker was a 10%er, however he used this time to extract 50%. This is why Elvis had to do Vegas at the end of his lifetime.
  • Every one his age was drafted including me.
  • His agent, Col Tom Parker said it was a good idea. Then he robbed him blind.
  • Everyone his age was drafted including me.
  • Muhammad Ali was technically retarded when they tried to draft him! That's how desperate they were before that war was over, they were drafting tier 4 recruits!!! Elvis was a far better draft choice!
  • [[ ]] It's slightly interesting history. The Great Depression resulted in much fewer births and higher infant mortality, such that in the 50s there was a much smaller population of young, able-bodied men than in previous decades. The draft continued even after the Korean War because of this shortage of young man power (and, of course, because of the ongoing Cold War). Lots of men voluntarily enlisted to avoid the draft (because by enlisting, a man could choose his branch of the armed forces and his specialty, whereas draftees were not given those choices). Only about 138,500 men were drafted in 1957 (the year that Presley was drafted), out of **roughly** 5 million men of draft age. As others suggested: "the luck of the draw". *** Presley COULD have joined Special Service, i.e. as an entertainer, but his manager managed to foil that so that Presley's performances could not be sold by (and profit) the U.S. government. By ensuring that Presley didn't enter Special Service, all of Presley's performances would profit his manager.
  • His Shady manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who stole half his money, said that it would be "good for his career."
  • Every one that age was drafted including me.

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