• I think the correct answer is scream and yell as loudly as possible. Step on the guy's toes, go for his balls etc. Don't be shy/submissive and go peacefully.
  • Well, do you want what is best to do, or what I would probably do? :P What you should do is for one, NEVER EVER get into the vehicle/go with, etc. Never go to the next location, because you will not come back. Then try to make alot of noise by screaming, blowing a whistle, honking the horn, etc. If he hasn't run by then, try to fight back as much and in any way possible, trying to make as much noise as possible. What am I likely to do if that happened to me? Piss myself and then curl up into a ball, crying for my mommy. Sad, I know. :)
  • Shoot the SOB.
  • Chances are if you do what he says your chances of surviving arent good........Do not get in the car, run away or fight right there. You have daylight and other cars and people hopefully on your side.
  • August 12, 2008 TOWN OF WALLKILL — Police say a 36-year-old Middletown woman did everything she could to help catch her attacker, but as of Monday afternoon the manhunt for a suspected rapist was unsuccessful. State police halted the foot-search and turned to detective work Monday to track the suspect, described as Hispanic, between the ages of 40 and 45, with a medium build, short salt-and-pepper hair, a mustache and a red tattoo on his left forearm. Police believe the man has fled the area, state police Capt. Wayne Olson said. For two days, police searched the woods along the route the suspect and his victim took from Wallkill to New Windsor. The victim came to Middletown Police Department to make a report Saturday. Although the woman's attacker fled in New Windsor, she didn't know the area and headed to her hometown department. Police said the woman was abducted at the Blockbuster video store on Route 211. The suspect then forced her to drive through several Orange County towns to the Town of Hamptonburgh, where he sexually assaulted her in a secluded area. He directed the woman to drop him off near routes 207 and 747 in New Windsor, stealing her cell phone and $40 cash. "She did the best she could to get out of this as a survivor," Olson said of the victim. The woman gave police a full description of the incident, including her conversations with the man during the hours long ordeal. So far, police have found no connection between the suspect and the victim, nor a connection between the suspect and this area. Police have collected forensic evidence in the case. UPDATE: Someone fought back and escaped!! (08/13/08) NEW WINDSOR - New Windsor police apprehended a wanted rape suspect in New Windsor Wednesday after he allegedly attacked a second victim. Police say the suspect attempted to grab a woman as she walked along train tracks near Route 300 in New Windsor. Officials say she was able to get away from the attacker and call police. Several officers spread out in the woods near the tracks, and quickly apprehended the suspect. “Within minutes of the call he was in custody,” says New Windsor Police Department Deputy Chief Rick Hovey. Once police had the suspected attacker, officials were able to match him to the description of the man who kidnapped a woman from a Wallkill Blockbuster Saturday. The suspect allegedly forced the kidnapped woman to drive across the county and raped her. “Based on quick work and great police work today by New Windsor Police Department, his crime spree is pretty much ended,” says Capt. Wayne Olsen of the New York State Police. The suspect faces several felonies including kidnapping and sexual assault. NEW WINDSOR — John Wayne Turner had sporadic, short-lived freedom during the past two decades that were filled with crime and violence, records show. New Windsor police arrested Turner Wednesday near a rail bed in a wooded section of the town. State police and agencies from across Orange County had searched for him since Saturday, when a Middletown woman told police a man forced her into her car outside a Town of Wallkill Blockbuster, made her drive to Hamptonburgh and raped her. New Windsor police say Turner found another woman walking along the railroad tracks Wednesday, west of the Five Corners intersection. He grabbed her arm and threatened her with a knife before she got away and called for help, police said. Turner was on parole and less than two years out of state prison — the longest he'd been free since at least the mid-1980s. He's been found guilty of burglary and robbery. He's attacked women and threatened them with a knife. During the past 22 years, records show, Turner has spent a total of 18 years locked away at facilities across the state. He is 41 years old. He served eight years after a particularly violent day in 1999. Back then, according to court records, Turner had a job as a laborer for a delivery service and lived on Montgomery Street in the City of Newburgh. He'd been home from prison nearly six months when he saw a woman pull into her driveway on Clinton Street in the City of Newburgh. The woman had seen him minutes before on the road. Now, she saw he had a saw blade in his hand. Turner told her to restart the car. She pleaded with him to take her purse and car, but he tossed the purse on the passenger's seat and told her again to start the car. She threw the car into reverse and escaped. Turner returned to his apartment five minutes later and rang his female neighbor's door bell. She cracked the door. Turner forced his way in and grabbed her by the hand. If you call the cops, he told her, I'll cut you. The woman escaped into a neighbor's apartment, records indicate. On Thursday, Turner was back behind bars, held without bail at Orange County Jail. He's charged with a host of felonies, including rape and kidnapping.
  • Make as much noise as possible while fighting as hard as I can to get away. If he's going to use that knife on me...he's going to use it right there in that parking lot...where I'm more likely to find help than whatever hellish desolate area he planned to take me to next.
  • I'd quickly let him know that I'm going to kill him and he's just messed with the wrong B!tch. Never in a million years would I let him get me into that car. Location #2 is always worse than location #1. If he wanted me that bad, he'd just have to try to cut me up right there at Blockbuster.
  • grab the knife wielding hand and procede to try to rip it off like an aligator with a death spin, the attacker does not exist untill the weapon is no longer in his hand (preferably in my hand) if he is still close to me when the blade is in my hand several quick jabs to the torso making sure he dan not catch my hand... if there is some distance yell for help and be in a defencive posture. I'd rather die than be raped. then again I do not fear death, I jsut have a fight for life additude
  • I love people pulling knives. They never know how to use them. In under a second I will have disarmed him. And the look on his face precious. In high school I had my first knife fight in the locker room. I was 14. The other guy had 50 pounds on me. At that time I lacked the skill to take it away. While he held the knife I stabbed him about three inches into the abdomen. The third time deeper. I told him to let loose or I would twist it and spill his guts. 2 days suspension while investigated by police. Justifiable self defense.
  • I pull my pistol and shoot him twice in the face.
  • Very good question. Go for more like this. You will do a lot of good. I am really happy to see none of the responders would comply. Once anyone and in a remote place your chances are over. Assume he does get you in the car. My bet is he has you drive. Use your seatbelt and crash your car. With any luck he won't be wearing is and face hit the windshield. With a bloody face full of glass, let him run. He'll be easy to find when he goes for medical treatment. I gave +3's to everyone but the gun solutions. I doubt they pack, and really doubt they can clear leather if they do. I know from my quick draw holsters my time is 17/100's of a second. Never have carried concealed but my estimate would be 3 to 4 seconds. Not fast enough with a knife to my ribs or throat. Oh and if he does have a gun. He's almost certain not to use it. Noise draws attention. e doesn't want that. Again you spotted his weakness. Call the bluff. NEVER get in the car.
  • My answer is going to be different from the standard correct answer. I carry concealed (legally and responsibly)... I would drop back a couple of steps and draw. They won't bring another knife to a gun fight. As you can see from the results of the article, getting into the vehicle at the behest of a knife wielding villain is NEVER the right thing to do. In a Blockbuster parking lot, you are going to have opportunities to shout "Fire!!!" (it gets much more attention than "help") and run towards people. The bad guy will usually run. If the situation is different, like for example; you left children in the car while you dropped vids? Try to lock the door and slam it... It doesn't matter whether or not you are in or out of the car, the children will be more secure. A dumbass trying to hijack your car or rape you, doesn't often have the knowledge or the skill to stab you where it counts the most, unless he gets you down and repeatedly stabs you... You can take a couple of stabs for the sake of the children, but the bad guy is more likely to flee a public place once you have ruined his chance of entering your vehicle and started shouting.
  • Spray his a$$ with tear gas so he doesn't see my stun gun, shock him till he falls down, kick him till I get tire then take his knife and leave. Or if I take a notion I can beat him with my hammer.
  • Shoot him.
  • laugh at him. then ask him if he is that much of an ideot and start pointing out the flaws in his plans.
  • If all he has is a knife, he really really really picked the wrong bitch to mess with. I am not Michelle Yeoh, but I can fight. Ferretguy is right, my martial arts training wouldn't amount to much if all I could do was a pretty kata. I made sure I joined a dojo that would teach me to fight. This knife-weilder would have a blown-out knee, a ruptured kidney and maybe a crushed trachea before the police or EMS could get there to save HIM.
  • Pull out a weapon and use it on him.Get your self a small hand gun if you are worried about something like this happening to you.Or get some mace or a tazer.But I would recomend for you to get a revolver a 38,it will make you feel a lot more safe.
  • Run into blockbusters, its a knife and he isn't close you can get away. A gun would be somewhat different, anyway its unlikely anyone would start to chase you with a knife in a public area and they'd certainly not go into block busters.
  • Run.He would never catch me,for I am as fast as lightning.
  • knowing myself, i'd lose control and either 1) get stabbed and die, or 2) get the knife from him and stab him to death.
  • Kidnappings can take place in public areas where someone may quietly force you, by gunpoint, into a vehicle. They can also take place at a hotel or residence, again by using a weapon to force your cooperation in leaving the premises & entering a vehicle. The initial phase of kidnapping is a critical one because it provides one of the best opportunities to escape. If you are abducted: Do not struggle in your confined state; calm yourself mentally, concentrate on surviving. Employ your mind by attempting to visualize the route being taken, take note of turns, street noise, smells, etc. Try to keep track of the amount of time spent between points. Once you have arrived at your destination, you may be placed in a temporary holding area before being moved again to a more permanent detention site. If you are interrogated: Retain a sense of pride but be cooperative. Divulge only information that cannot be used against you. Do not antagonize your interrogator with obstinate behavior. Concentrate on surviving; if you are to be used as a bargaining tool or to obtain ransom, you will be kept alive. After reaching what you may presume to be your permanent detention site (you may be moved several more times), quickly settle into the situation: Be observant -- Notice the details of the room, the sounds of activity in the building & determine the layout of the building by studying what is visible to you. Listen for sounds through the walls, windows or out in the streets, & try to distinguish between smells.

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