• That was just a show. Just curious, did the Chinese ever say that everything you saw was as is? Remember that video some time ago where the song goes "Everybody dance now!"? The lady in the video was not the singer, as the lady in the Eddie Money "Take Me Home Tonight" video. It is a common practice, really. As far as special effects, then we probably shouldn't trust anything that comes out of Hollywood. Really, as long as the games are legit, let the show go. It really is just a show in the end, anyway.
  • Because we constantly do the same thing, except we've been doing it for longer.
  • Who are we to decide who to trust?
  • I could care less about the fireworks. That was just some background lighting as far as I'm concerned. About the little girl, that pisses me off. If they are willing to 'cheat' on something as silly as how pretty a talented singer is then who's to say how far they will go for something as important as a gold medal?
  • That's life!................We all like to "put on airs".
  • Now the show doesn't bother me. However, I am finding it hard to believe that the American being stabbed, who just so happened to be related to one of the coaches, is an "isolated incident."
  • I've heard something about the "fake" fireworks not long ago. It wasnt fake after all. They were part of the rehersal fireworks and appreantly the weather wasnt perfect on the night of the opening ceremony so they mixed the filming of the 29 giant foot fireworks into the LIVE ones to make it a spectacular display for those who were watching on tv. After all, it's unfair to judge the Chinese this way because I'm sure other nations do the same thing in many other ways to cheat.You think the Americans dont cheat? They just didn't let others know. I think the Chinese are being very honest about it.

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