• 1. Buy a house, perhaps? Or take that dream vacation? 2. For you to have peace of mind. Knowing that you have money available to pay the bills will give you financial peace of mind.
  • Peace Of Mind. Money in the bank works wonders on a persons personality, when they know there is money socked away in savings. Peace Of Mind.
  • 6-1-2017 People only ask that when they don't know what money is. Those green coupons that you carry around are worthless. The only reason they have any value at all is that the government will accept them in payment of taxes. Things have value, such as silver. That is why silver has always been used as money throughout history. When divers recover a safe from a sunken ship, nobody has any interest in paper money that floats out; they want silver and gold. The price of gold right now is about 75 times the price of silver. That ratio occasionally goes down to 40 or even thirty. So you buy silver, and when the ratio goes down you swap for gold. When it goes back up you swap the gold for silver. You just doubled your holdings with no additional money and zero risk.
    • BRG
      OH is a big deal, yes, but I saw an interesting article that said, in 1900, the price of gold was the same as the price of a man's tailor-made 2017, the price of gold was the same as..........the price of a man's tailor-made suit!! So how does that make gold a hedge against inflation!?!? Gold is way too tricky for the average person to get involved with!! get a no-load mutual fund and invest across the board; small, medium & large cap stocks (just means different size companies!),,,,REITS, bonds, foreign stocks, and yes some gold funds, but gold funds should NEVER NEVER be more than, say, 10% of your investments!!!!!! just go easy on gold.....OK??
    • Jewels Vern
      BRG, you should read your own post. Yes, when gold was worth $20, a good suit cost $20. Now gold is worth $1300 and a good suit costs $1300. So if you had hidden an ounce of gold back then, it would have protected you from that inflation. If you had hidden $20 back then, it would be totally worthless now because the mint will no longer redeem those coupons for any form of money. It has to be federal reserve notes now. If you think that is tricky, you should not be managing your own money at all. If you get some training in the investment business, one of the first things you will learn is never to buy a fund. If you think a fund is a good deal, buy stock in the owner of the fund, because the owner always does better than the fund. I am well aware that some people hate gold. That's ok, but don't let your hate cloud your judgment. For instance, silver is a better store of value right now. But you have to be ready to swap for gold any day.

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