• download adobe reader its free and is the best for reading pdf docs
  • Adobe Reader is fine. Foxit PDF is available as a small standalone or as an installable program. I use it over Adobe simply because it gets the job done and doesn't nag me with upgrade reminders. It also launches faster.
  • If you already have Adobe Reader installed but it's not opening PDF docs, you might have to do what I did on our previous PC (for reasons unknown) and "uninstall" the previous version of Adobe Reader: Click Start, Control Panel, Add Or Remove Programs, click on Adobe Reader once the list comes up, click Remove", let it finish. Then go to and click the "download the free Reader" link.
  • there are other readers than adobe. adobe can be very dominant in your system wanting to just use adobe software.
  • Hello. Hope you are fine. Download Adobe reader to open pdf files. Thank you.
  • Many people here recommend Acrobat Reader, but just because something is the most common, that doesn't mean it's the best. Personally, I use Foxit Reader as it is faster, less of a resource hog, and doesn't lack any features for viewing PDFs.
  • I also tried foxit and it is very quick and takes up much less MB of hard-drive space.
  • download Adobe reader
  • Download Adobe Acrobat reader

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