• Most cotton for garments or for quilts, especially cotton should be 'cleaned' however you plan on cleaning it. So it you will be running through the washing machine, I'd treat the whole yardage just in case it will shrink later. I know some material says it's pre-treated or whatever, but I've used some of that in quilts and have gotten distortion when I didn't prewash. So, if it's something that will be machine washed, in it goes. If it's something I will dry clean, I dry clean it. The only time I don't do this is if I must have that crispness or rigidity that it came with and then I do test a piece out to see if it will change. It saves you a lot of heartache and money.
  • Even pre-treated wrinkle-free fabrics contain a type of starch called sizing to keep it looking fresh through it's journey to your home. Also, you have no idea who has been touching the fabric, or what atmospheric conditions (dust, pollen, etc) it has been through. I never let any clothing or fabric into my house without being washed first.
  • yes it should to be washed, no it shouldn't be skipped.

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