• Only in your eyes.
  • No one is a failure until they give up.
  • if you are i will also be joining you! lol! no you will not be considered a failure.
  • You have received many supportive answers, but here is the many ways, yes.
  • No, I don't think so. You will be prevented from partaking of many opportunities, but I don't think you will be considered a failure.
  • No. You might be considered uneducated by some, but not a failure. Do what you love to do. ~+~
  • It all depends. Would you be quitting because your just tired of the work load ? Do you feel it's not the kind of challenge you need? Or do you need some time off to get a feel for what's out there? Regardless of the reason, should you choose not to get a degree, you could never be a failure if you do what you love and find a way to make money doing it.
  • The answer is both "Yes" and "No" Some academic types and certain ethnic groups will consider a person who does not obtain a 4 year college degree as a personal flaw or "otherwise unable" to compete in the academic contest. . In general without a degree you will not be able to walk into a auto company or a manufacturing firm and get an apprenticeship. . Socially you will be limited in the kinds of friends you attract simply because you will be unable to quickly understand the reasoning that gives rise to their opinions. You can still be a police officer, forest ranger, or professional military (soldier), however advancement will be limited to the manual things you learn on the job. --- On the other hand; the mystique of college / university degree is just that. You can be happy, marry, raise kids, support a church, have spiritual growth, and be a good person without a university degree. You can have your own friends, career and at the end of your life be missed by people who loved you. Submitted Ed
  • Yes, and even with a college degree you're going to have to enter grad school if you want a profession
  • No, of course not. Its your choice to whether or not to go to college. I don't think that people who don't go to college are failures at all. "Who are you to judge people? I'm not perfect, and I don't intend to live a perfect life. So before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean." -Bob Marley

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