• yes there should be a number to call on the summons. if not call the sheriff.
  • Yes. But, in some states, like New York, if a summons is served on a person of suitable age and discretion (over 14) and followed up by a mailing, or posted on the door (so-called nail and mail) and followed up by a mailing (after three attempts at service between 8am-9p), that's good service for a supreme court action, never mind small claims. And, sometimes that issue needs to be raised by motion at the first opportunity or it's deemed waived.....
  • It depends on the state, but in some there is no formal process for serving a summons. In Florida, the sheriff will serve the summons. When I unfortunately had to sue a company in California, I was given the option of paying the sheriff to serve the summons or serving it myself. It's in one's best interest to mail is certified, but whether you have to will depend on your state. Call you clerk of courts and they can provide guidance.
  • The court views a "letter mailed is a letter received".

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