• Texas is known for the most executions of any state. I think he should have stayed, for the rest of his life, in a prison, so the other prisoners can take care of him. He can see what it feels like to be raped and tortured!
  • I would have to know more about the case to make a truly objective opinion, however my first impression, (although it may be a bit offensive to some) is that it sounds like just yet another snub in the face of international organizations everywhere by a Texan. :)
  • I don't know the case but the international court is a completely worthless body with no power whatsoever. The issue of capital punishment is a long and drawn out one, but I'm not going to miss the guy!
  • A crime is a crime. International Court of Justice has no jurisdiction in Texas. Apparently, a jury convicted this person for the crime he committed. Nationality or race makes no difference. A crime is a crime.
  • Yes I do. If that is their laws.
  • It took 9 minutes for him to die. How long did it take the girls (who were 16 and 14) to die? When are people going to start having as much compassion for the victims and their families as they seem to have for the animals who do these things? People know the possible consequences when they do these things and choose to do them anyway. Why does the one who snuffs out the lives of the innocent deserve more than the ones who will never have the chance to live theirs?
  • Yes absoulutely,I only wish the victims family were aloud to torture the piece of crap first.
  • It was absolutely justified (The execution) as long as it was within what the normal punishment for an american who is convicted of the same crime is.
  • Doesn't a Mexican National mean he is Mexican? Not American? So should he not have been deported? I generally don't think Texas was right to make the decision it did.
  • I don't think Texas was right, but not because of the International Court of Justice's objection. Texas violated treaty provisions stating that a foreign national had the right to consular assistance. According to the Constitution, signed treaties become part of federal law of the United States. Although there are some people who no doubt wish otherwise, Texas is still part of the U.S., and as such should have been bound by both the treaty and federal law.
  • Its there laws and why do we want to keep horrible scum like that anyway?
    • Bootsiebaby
      Their laws. "There" does not mean "their".
  • Yes, because he did what he did. The fact that he was Mexican has no bearing on it.
  • Sure they do.

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