• Sometimes but no further.
  • No, for first dates are supposed to be romantic and maybe a tiny bit sensual, but not sexual.
  • Nope never did. With my first bf, which is also my current, we didn't have any kind of "physically intimate" contact until about the 3rd week. ^^ Then we didn't start making out until about 3-4 months into our relationship. I know most people think that was slow, but I wanted to make sure I was with the right guy before anything happened. LOL And I was right!! XD
  • i'm a whore I go all the way lol, No I wouldnt make out on the first date of ever knowing someone.
  • Never. A first date is only for seeing if you enjoy each other's company and to get acquainted. I'd have to be pretty serious like nearly engaged before I'm making out with anybody. But then again, I thought of dating as a way to find a life partner, not as some recreational activity.
  • Never ever ever. No physical contact in the least on a first date. No exceptions will be made.
  • hmm... when I was dating I would make out with anyone I found attractive date or not. problem was none of them would make out with me. however my wife is intentionaly the only person who I have gone farther with.
  • NO! the first date you take it slow the secound date you get to know she/he and the third you hit first base
  • It would depend on how horny I am and whether the guy was willing. Cheers

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