• The same way a non-disabled person makes a friend. Don't misinterpret. I'm disabled too. : ))
  • People are generally uncomfortable with different types of people that they do not understand so most of them would rather avoid being around different people so they do not put themselves in a position where they may offend the other person (that is "different" from them). I would learn to joke around with people about your disability and then talk about things that let them know how you are similar to them. It sucks but you'll have to reach out to them and let them know you deal with same issues in life, just like them, and you have the same joys in life, just like them. :D
  • Be friendly and cheerful. At least smile at them. Having ADD is considered a disability but I do the best I seems to work.
  • As every other person does.You can ask your current friends and your family(brother,sister,cousins) to go with them when they go out so that you meet other people. If you work you can become friends with your colleagues. I can't think of anything else right now cause i'm too sleepy.I wish you find friends soon :).Good night
  • i have just read your comment in captains answer, i agree. people are scared of things they dont know about i think thats why its vital to educate people about mental illnesses, disabilities both physical and mental and to say yeah they are a little different in the way they do things but thats just how they are. we dont look down or avoid people who are self centered or shallow, so why should anyone do the same to someone whos disabled. my good friend has ms we met on the net talked online for hours everynight, went out clubbing and stuff was great. so the net is a good starting point, or if you have any interests joining a group or club could help you increase your circle of friends too. i hope you achieve your goal.
  • Disabled means so many things on so many levels .. but bottom line it means different .. not the 'norm', as though any of us are ever the "norm". It's lonely to be different, especially in this already lonelier than ever world we currently live in. I'm not disabled but I am different for so many reasons, meowry. I'll be your friend.
  • I believe the same way all of us do. Kindness.
  • Just the way my disabled child does. You walk up to someone and say, "Hi! I'm ______, pleased to meet you." We've made it a point to be transparent about my daughter's disability right from the start. When I see someone staring, I say "she has a genetic disorder that causes aneurysms and tumors. She has had one of each, both behind her left eye, along with a stroke, brain surgery and 15 mths of chemo. Her prognosis is good and she is a really tough kid." I have yet to have anyone not melt when I tell them. They immediately start asking questions of me, interacting with her and telling me about similar cases they've experienced. Without exception, they have all been concerned when they noticed her braces and afraid to ask the questions keeping them from interacting with her. Being upfront with her condition has won her a lot of friends.
  • Like everyone does. And, if you want to look on the bright side, by being disabled you are basically weeding out the bad friends. It's likely whoever accepts you will be a good friend since you being disabled didn't bother them.
  • By being as confident as they can be, being open to others with a smile and friendly kind eyes. By not acting like a victim at all times (I say this last one as I Knew a very nice young man that just was always so whiny and mad at what happened to him, it was hard to be friendly with him.) Also having current friends introduce you to others. Getting involved with something you love doing, a craft a hobby or interest and going to meetings, clubs, events.
  • I'm disabled... I walk short distances, usually with a cane, or ride a mobility scooter, when not at home, and use hand-controls to drive. All my toes have been amputated (diabetes, neuropathy, infections), and a knee that won't bend much more than 90 degrees, now (fell, tearing quad tendon from kneecap... Surgery fixed that, but rehab only worked to 90 degree bend). People are curious about the scooter, (kids look at it or me all the time... I just beep my horn and smile at them - usually makes their parent look) and most try to ignore my different-sized feet. But, a simple explanation will usually satisfy them. Other than explaining the situation, it's just being friendly... Just like non-disabled people do. If they can't accept it, that's THEIR problem, and they weren't meant to be a friend. If they can, you have a new friend. Simple as that! ;-) (NOTE: People can see physical problems, but not mental. Asperger's is relatively unknown to most. Come up with a simple, friendly explanation, maybe what you do differently than others, and go from there.) ;-)
  • I think that just like anyone else, a disabled person is going to make friends based on personal character. A person of character would not limit the opportunity to find a wonderful friend because of a disability.
  • The say way a non-disabled person does. You stick out you hand and say " Hi. I'm _". Being disabled is a condition. Don't let it stop you from being the average joe.
  • The challenges may be greater than for other people, but ultimately we make friends the same way as other people. People immediately know that I have a disability because I have one leg and don't use a prosthesis. I think that it is a barrier to many people for some reason, and it can make them shy with me. I try to be outgoing and welcoming. Most people want to know about my leg but are embarrassed to ask, so I usually tell new friends how I lost it and that I am OK and can do pretty much anything. The idea for me is to make my disability a non-issue from the beginning so that we can just be friends.
  • well first of all dont hurt the people that have stuck through everything with you, my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a few minutes ago he became disabled this past summer from strep.and i wanted to marry him and have a future with him and i told him this and he was talking to his sister and she said oh she just wants the title of being engaged.and now im crushed even though i stuck it out with him when no one else did, when friends stopped calling i was there and now im all alone he was my best friend, my future,what did i do wrong? why did he push me away when i told him i would stand beside him through thick and thin?- trina

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