• I agree with Riverstones. The writer is definitely stating beautiful in a wretched emotion. To be let down or brought down so low intreprets to the extreme joys one has felt. There IS beauty in it.
  • I believe the song is telling you to let go and give in to the deep saddness sometimes found in life and love. By letting go you help yourself move on. And that's the beauty of breakdown. Letting go and moving on to something more beautiful and better.
  • I think it's about how conforming in life can be so difficult, it's "writing your tragedy..." and the only escape from this is to abandon everything that people have told you is important (let go, jump in...whatcha waiting for?). But doing so is akin to having a nervous breakdown. But it's alright... "there's beauty in the breakdown," that is to say, if you go totally nuts, you're still finding a beautiful moment free from the constraints of modern life. Imogen Heap rocks, btw.
  • I think it's talking about a new relationship following a painful end to a previous one. It is trying to convince the person to enter a new one without ghost memories of the past, and the baggage included. To try and close your eyes, and accept whats to come, good or bad. In the end, no matter what happens, the experience is a beautiful thing, good or bad.

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