• More than anyone here could afford, I promise that.
  • Dignity is priceless.
  • well, id say 3 million, as long as i cud move to another country afterwards and change my name and appearance
  • I'm not ashamed of my body. Mabey 5 million, because I'm not just going to give my body away. But I'm only 14, so it would be illegal.
  • $50,436
  • About twenty quid
  • Well, full frontal...I guess that means I can't put my hands anywhere important or have anything there with me? That would cost...$1-2 Million. It'd have to be enough that I could live comfortably and with a good amount of extravagances for the rest of my life. I'd feel more comfortable about $2 million I think. Now if I could do something to leave a LITTLE to the imagination but still be facing front and nude, it would cost less. But I still go for at least...$250,000. Something I could live off of a little. Were I uglier, I probably would do it for much less.
  • Depends on the company asking. Base price is about $500K. If it's a bigger company doing the advertisement and I feel like they can afford it, that price is going up.
  • The stakes must be high because it's where I live so I would say anywhere between 3 to 5 million.
  • I don't agree that everyone has a price. There are many things that I'd never do for any price. However, $3.4 million in small bills left in the dry well at the edge of town near the abandoned asylum will get me up on the billboard.
  • If losing dignity has its price tag it would be pointless to have one and I would rather do it for free.
  • When I was 16 I would have done it for a €10 haha but now i'm 20 and more parnoid a million euro ! :)
  • A lot of these people are pretty funny. Million here and million there. Who do they think they are kidding? Most would settle for $10. Me, I would hold out for at least $20.. The question I have is, why do they think seeing them naked is that big a deal? Parts is parts. Get over it. We all have'em.

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