• well i get lida slimming tablets and they are banned in canada,england ive been on those tablets for three months now and ive lost 4 stones which is great but in the the beggning my heart was beating very fast,consterpation,and dry mouth,its good but only effects i get now is brusing over my legs i really want to stop it but i know i put all my weight on again.but am going to stop for one month and then start again in october to give my body a rest!!!!
  • were are you getting the tablets from? i bought "real", which are having absolutely no effect. obviously the fake ones work better?? there what i need. but cant find them anywere.
  • the lady i got it off stops geting it now but i dont know where the lady got em from but ive only got 3 weeks left but there something in it wot i dont know but i know in fact they are dangerous i do have a rest time to time wen i do start taking these ones my brusies come back again.Once they run out i just have to stick with it cause we all no we can not rely on tablets all the time !i love to know whats in the fake ones thow!!!!!

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