• confront them, ask why they are acting like assholes, and if all else fails, block their e-mail address.
  • Roll my eyes, block the emails and throw another one to the idiot pile.
  • Id kill them. The End
  • Let it go, ignore them, not write back.
  • Be thankful I was allowed to see their true colors and avoid them. confronting them will only create a lot of anger and hate. defusing the situation is the only way to go.
  • Put them on the *mark as unsafe* list and don't open any more of their stuff.
  • I'd block them, ignore them, and avoid them.
  • I really like to talk things out. I would like to think there is some sort of resolution, even when dealing with closed minded pinheads. If that wouldnt work, your best bet would be to cut off contact. For more information on how I would react to this, please check my answer here... currently # 18.
  • I would block them and junk thier email. Life is too short.
  • I see from your responses you are wanting to be able to reason with them. However that will probably only inflame whatever is going on. They are somehow very threatened by you. That's usually the reason for such an offensive, antagonistic attack. Let them cool down. If it were me, I would let them know I wish them no harm, but that I am blocking them because I don't deserve that kind of treatment and because it pains me to see them behave that way. When they are ready to communicate peaceably they will find a way to let you know.
  • Talking is over ... I'd block their a^ses.
  • First and foremost I would be proud of them for getting a backbone and contacting me. Then I would make a pfffft sound and shrug it off and respond the best I could to whatever it was that angered them so. I would naturally want to know what turned them sour, but that is likely to draw a whole lot of accusations and blustering so I can take or leave their response to that query. If I was say 2-3 e-mails deep and their lack of self-control and grasp of polite English language had not returned, I would kindly inform them that the discussion was over. At that point it would be clear that the person was not in "receive" mode. Why bother? Waste of time as far as I am concerned.
  • I'd probably ask what the heck. If I got no results (or at leat no happy resolution), I'd break it off with them and block them.
  • I am of the "drop it and ignore their presence" frame of mind, like so many others... You've tried reason, Big Daddy, and it's played out. Clearly you're feeding into a tantrum here and we all know what to do with tantrums.. Your peace of mind is much more valuable than any e-chatter, good sir.
  • That is easy: Don't talk to them anymore. Try your best to block their emails. Request them to not send you anymore emails. If they persist, get a restraining order against them..If they continue even after that, check into filing criminal charges of harassment against them and possibly have the police talk to them or even go so far as to arrest them.. Sometimes you have to take dratsic measures like this just to get your point across to som,eone that they are harassing you, and that you want them to s top and you don't appreciate it! Thanks
  • I hope this isn't happening to you. I hope that you didn't give out any personal information! Quit e-mailing the person, and have no further contact. Stay on here (AB) with nice people!
  • Block them and report them as spam
  • hello,im going through that now,some moose butt from dizzay,com,is harrassing me due to a squabble on dizzay,he started everything,now hes on yahoos beta 360 as i am.he can read my blogs,but cannot commet on them,i know its burning him up,but i dont care.hes used every nasty word you can think of on me.
  • you can't do much about it. you chose to talk to people on the internet. just ignore the person or blcok them if you can?

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