• Not from your past but perhaps my own past. I honestly can't say the past with unresolved wounds. I try to fix them as quickly as I can and if I try and fail then I have no choice but to leave them in the past.
  • The past does come back to haunt you, it really does. You do the best you can to only think of the good times, but everyone has a skeleton or two, and they come out, like it or not:(
  • I have been emailing my brother the last couple of days. He has really hurt our entire family and I would love for him to "come back again" We want to know our niece and nephew. He still thinks the world revolves around him, and I don't see our relationship being healed anytime soon, however he is talking to me and that is a start.
  • They are in the past..Or at least we'd like to think so. Often our emotional wounds are much like a broken heal but you always limp just a little.
  • They are in the past where they belong. Let's try to leave them there. I think we will all be better off that way.
  • If one still considers it a wound, then it isn't in the past. Wounds are by very definition something that hurts in the present moment. You can be going through something and wanting to believe that it's in the past, but everywhere you turn, there it is. And it seems hard to believe that healing, truly healing, is even possible. When that wound is healed - with time, growing, and opening your heart to new love and life experiences - it is then that the wounds close and we leave them behind.
  • Both ... On one hand I am seeing a counselor, and on the other .... I refuse to look back, because I get stuck there.
  • I think people can get over things and move on, but there will always be those moments when the pain resurfaces. Emotional wounds come out later in life as anger or sadness. I have accomplished a lot on my own, but once in a great while I get sad. The realization that we are all in this on our own and that there is no one to protect you hits once in a while and can be overwhelming at times. The key is not to think about or dwell on it and move on.
  • I do daily. Before you can heal any of these wounds you should first identify their location, or in other words, know the reason behind that wound. Don’t just be passive; seek your answers and trace your wounds to their origin. If critical comments bother you, then don’t just stay like that. Search the web, read more, think and analyze until you know the root cause and when you finally know the cause, healing the wound itself becomes much simpler. Some things dont heal. If you have had a traumatic event in the part - you are lovesick most people will tell you that only time can heal it. Unhappily for the unhappy people, the pain is deep stuck in their childhood and it is more than evident that after 20 or more years it is still there. That simply means that (time will not heal everything). Explosive temper, diminished self-esteem, fear, smothering love, dependence of mean people - they all leave a scare in our emotional well-being. Being influenced by a negative role model lives a mark for the rest of our lives. Some people accept these negative role models as "how things are" and some are even attracted towards destructive people - even reaching the point that they marry them. Some people handle more positively the whole situation. They re-invent their life, make different choices and create a milieu around them where they can breathe. That is perhaps the most important point I see in healing emotional wounds - to create a safe trauma environment. The best thing I can think for dealing with the pain of an abusive relationship is to include a non-abusive person into your life. With that I mean a mirror of the abusive person, a contrarian of the abusive relationship. Breaking negative relationships is for me an equally important point to deal with emotional wounds. Wound only start to heal when you stop picking into them. They need time, but not only time but tranquility. *stepping down from the soapbox*
  • Trying to heal emotional wounds from your past? Nope. I wouldn't dream of encroaching upon your privacy. I have no emotional wounds..don't know if I ever did. I'm a pretty sturdy gal..just lucky I guess! :) ((hugs))
  • Interesting choice of words, Galeanda :) A Freudian slip, perhaps? Yes......I am still working on it. It could take years. Leave my dinner in the oven. I'm going to be very late :)

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