• A leader says, "Follow me ..." and runs toward an objective. A boss/ruler points at the objective and says, "Go get that for me."
  • 1. A leader thinks of the welfare of his people all the time. A boss/ruler thinks of the welfare of his people only when the people are looking. 2. A leader is willing to sacrifice his personal happiness. A boss/ruler thinks that people should make him happy by following his orders. 3. A leader treats others as his equals. A boss/ruler treats others as subordinates.
  • A leader will also do himself, a boss/ruler will state what he wishes to be done.
  • I guess for me to respond, I will have to go back in history and pull out one of our last, great leaders; John F. Kennedy. I feel the reason he become so popular in life and beloved in death was partially based on his leadership skills. He was humble, cautious, inspirational and above all, open-minded. He knew he couldn't do it all on his own and he surrounded himself with people from both sides of the aisle. To me, these are qualities of a leader. Great question, Jodie! :D
  • Being able to motivate and understand who they are leading.
  • “A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.” - Russell H. Ewing (1885-1976 British Journalist) A boss or ruler rules for the sake of ruling. A leader isn't simply interested in having the authority and power, but more so wants to put his/her influence to constructive, helpful use. A leader is sensitive to the people being led. A leader respects those being led and encourages everyone to act with class and style. This is the type of individual who wants to be respected not because of his/her power but because he/she shows consistent respect and expects this reciprocated. I think this quote certainly exemplifies what it means to be a true leader. The irony is that a true leader is greatly loved and appreciated. A ruler or boss with all the power in the world is no match for this type of greatness.
  • A leader is more often than not liked or respected by his/her followers...a boss is just like an overseer or something.
  • The ability to accept criticism, and learn from it. It's pretty simple really.
  • A good leader will always put others before self, he will lead by example and most of all a good leader has humility.
  • A leader serves and supports. A strong leader knows how to attain productivity with the people. A ruler or boss may dictate and may think of themselves as not being part of the team.
  • A leader, when fully engaged, stops existing as him or herself and BECOMES the task, project, goal entirely. With no shred of self-consciousness left, the whole undertaking flows in and through them, drawing and distributing resources, coordinating action, bringing out the best in everyone, simultaneously fulfilling the objective and enriching the lives of anyone who comes near the project or enterprise. This is, not coincidentally, the same thing that happens when an artist, athlete, or craftsman is working at their peak: the subject/object separation disappears and only the activity remains.
  • I rather like the distinction between a leader and a manager. A leader does the right thing and a manager does things right. I think the distinction applies here, and the good leader seems to manage both. Think of the Iraq war or Katrina. In this case, we have a president who failed on both counts failing to do the right thing and making a mess of what he did. And now the country is thinking of voting for an encore!
  • Someone who can speak to your heart and make your mind understand as well, getting you to be motivated to action and change.

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