• Well, since most teenagers fit the stereotype, it is up to the individual teen to prove the stereotype wrong. Teens love to get stupid, stoned, and drunk, and knock up chicks and get knocked up and have abortions.
  • We insist on stereotyping teenagers because they often act in stereotypical ways. Such as making generalizations that adults think they are no good and will do bad things just because they don't agree with them on a particular issue. Such as acting like they are the center of the universe. Such as only wanting to hear what they want to hear. Such as being stubborn and spoiled. I don't see a problem with this because I know that their brains are still developing and hopefully they will grow out of it with time.
  • Considering we were all teenagers at one time who couldn't and weren't trusted. That started the stereotyping cycle.
  • Well, you're sterotyping all adults by saying that we stereotype all teenagers. We don't ALL stereotype teens ALL of the time. Sometimes we do, but it is usually associated with certain behaviors that alienate us from them.
  • By saying why do adults insist on stereotyping your are over generalising, not all adults do this.
  • alright i have seen this and often wonder y? and most of u will answe, how they act, i have been sterotyped by wat i am wearing, i like to wear an urban clothing line called Ecko ultd. and it is at some times in the seasons "ghetto" look and i get sterotyped because of it, just because i like a certain style does not mean i am trying to rob your house or sellf drugs or anything else bad u can think about me, i like the cloths, thats it period, no more no less i like the cloths, so please stop sterotyping me
  • When my children were small I used to feel intimidated by groups of teenagers who would mill around blocking pavements and generally being loud - I wondered why they had nothing better to do or anywhere else to go; so they must be up to no good. My kids are now 17 and 19 and often go out in big groups - groups that meet at the shopping centre/outside the cinema. Sometimes they go to the park to chill out and now that I know a whole bunch of teenagers and understand what they are about I am no longer intimidated. My kitchen full of teenage lads towering over me is now a joy - except when they raid the fridge!!!
  • It seems to be a pretty common thing. I find the real problem is that they think they're justified in doing this. Society forces people to pick on the weak and uninfuential, which is exactly what teenagers are, and they rebel against this system of control. That's why so many adults are simple-minded idiots - they were born into a system of retarded communication.
  • That each generation thinks they've reinvented the wheel? No, it's a necessary stage of development.
  • I understand if you're not a troublemaking teenager. When I was one, I had the same complaint. Now, I'm bothered by many teenagers, because alot fo them act very immature and obnoxious. They loiter. They think they are adults. Many drive recklessly.
  • I'm using your question as an opportunity to blather. This is something I want to say to all teenagers, especially those who are like I was. It will get easier. You're trying to grow into adulthood and at the same time being treated as less than an adult. It sucks, but it won't last. Don't be certain you know what's best for you. When people show concern, go ahead and ask them about their experiences. Ask them what they wish they knew when you were their age. Make up your own mind, but keep an open mind. Know that one day, very soon, your teenage years will seem like they went by so quickly. Enjoy the freedom that you have while you're waiting for responsibility to kick in.
  • Why are you sterotyping adults. Not all adults feel that way. I am sure even in your own life if you looked hard enough you would find an adult that does not believe all teens are bad.
  • Your right we may be at different ages but I think its wrong to stereotype you guys,fogive me if I ever did that. There are good people in the world and as well as bad no matter what age. Sometimes I think we had alot more disipline than some others and that is why people do that. We were afraid of our fathers and were afraid to do wrong. But that is me. Some people my age were cutting out of school and I was afraid to get in trouble so its everywhere. Each home was different. Thanks for the correction I will try and not judge you guys, I am kinda glad for you , your generation seems to have alot more confidence then us guys growing up its nice to see. Good luck on your journey. D.
  • Most probably they are not right in their saying to all of the teenagers but yes few of the teens are. As teens of today's era are more prone to self-relying activities. And all they think about sex, drugs, technology and have lost their identity beliefs, that were not like in the teenagers if we look just couple of years behind. Also now new searches have claimed that teens brains are matured enough at this age considering the white gray matters. Now it depends on them what to think & plan or pay heeds to their adults. This blog on The Teen's Brain will help you understand my point of view.
  • All adults were themselves teenagers at one time, and they remember what trouble they or others they knew caused at that age.
  • As others have pointed out, it's unfair of you to say that all adults think that way, but otherwise, I agree with you. It is unfair to prejudge anyone. We need to give people a chance to succeed or fail, and then say, "This particular individual from this particular group is irresponsible." Although I have met plenty of disruptive, irresponsible teens, I know that some of them behave maturely, and we should not punish the mature ones along with the troublemakers. A lot of people here say that they can remember being troublemakers as teens, but they should also remember how they would've liked to be treated by adults at that age. If we expect someone to behave poorly, and treat him/her like a child, then he/she will meet our expectations. If we as a society expected teens to be more responsible (as they were prior to the 1940's), and let them spend more time with adults who could set a good example, then they would be more likely to display good behavior.

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