• No... not at all. The movie doesn't depict the fact that she was actually a physcho bitch who didn't care about anybody but herself. It makes her to seem like some innocent helpless girl who tried to make the best of a bad situation. I thought it would show more about her life after she was confined to prison but it left you with a question mark as to whether she got away or not. The only historical part about the movie was Versailles.
  • I have heard that it is not. Marie Antoinette was Austrian. When I visited Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, I kept seeing paintings of Marie Antoinette. She was one of Marie Theresa's many daughters and had the face of an angel. I felt sorry for her, marrying at 16, not for love, but to improve relations between France and Austria. She probably didn't understand anything at this tender age.
  • She was actually 14 when she was married off. But yeah I think the film was pretty historically accurate. There were a lot that wasn’t put into the movie like how she died and what happened to the king and his son, and a bit more... but for the most part it was accurate. The clothing, the lavish lifestyle, and the dialog. I think they portray her as a regular teenage girl who’s struggling to please her husband and mother, and what does a teenage girl like to do when there depressed? Buy clothes eat sweets confide in her friends anything to make them feel better; I don’t know what teen wouldn’t act like this at that young of age. People forget how young she really was. I believe she was only 18 when she became queen. Sure she spent money, they were royalty, but most of expense came from giving aid to the Americans and had left them in debt. As queen it was her duty to outdo the previous queen, and lavishness is a queen’s lifestyle.
  • I agree with blaira. The movie was pretty historically accurate, as for her being Austrian, I thought that was pretty clear in the movie; especially when her mother Maria Theresa writes to her that she must have a child in order to strengthen the Franco-Austrian alliance. They had to keep the movie short, I suppose, because they skipped huge periods of her life, important ones at that, and they completely skipped the last few years of incarceration. As blaira said, people did forget that she was just a teenager. One can't satisfy everyone with historical dramas, there is always something someone wants shown that is not, but all in all I believe it was kept fairly accurate.

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