• Personally I do not wish to bring any more children in this world with so many unwanted children living here. Not that any that I may have had a part in creating would not be loved or wanted. I just feel that I could raise one already here and help reduce this number.
  • I've got two now. 6 and 2 years old. I'm getting tired. I think I'm done. Only 16 more years and I can wake up when I please!
  • i have only 1 son but when with my ex i had 2 sons and 2 daughters which i miss lots. but thats my fault and no 1 elses.. but yeah i love kids would have loads more if i could..
  • I have three....and although I love them dearly, I don't want more. Actually, I just don't want to be pregnant again. I'd consider adoption. I have lots of love to give.
  • My husband and I have 3 kids and are expecting #4 in about 3 weeks or less. Right now being completely exhausted, I am saying I don't want no more but I said that with EVERY pregnancy and AFTER every delivery! LOL I will never say never. I think, though, that 5 would be the max for us. If you ask this question in about a month, I would probably answer, "NO MORE!!!"
  • My children are grown in age but definitely not grown in maturity. I wouldn't take a million dollars for either of them but, I would never have them again if I could live my life over. This world just offers too many obstacles for young adults now. Those of you not where I am in life will think me a terrible person for saying that but, I'm sure there are those here that understand. Parents suffer with their children and because of their children.
  • I wish I could have another, but I'm too old and too sick. I guess I don't dare. But I would really love another one.
  • No way. Too much work and I just don't have the patience. I'd end up going to jail for killing them then get stabbed in the back by a guy named Bubba or Meanie or something like that.
  • I got my boy and my girl. I'm good. :)
  • My son is 26 now. Nothing would make me start that again. I will be happy being grandma in late October.
  • No, I never want kids.
  • I really want to have a child but my partner isnt ready.
  • I did my time.....
  • 2 is enough. I'm done.

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