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  • You stated the answer in your question. "They are pretending", to be your friend. I have bad days, where I dont feel like talking, that is okay, we all do. They only talk to you when they want someone to hear them or to pump thier ego, for their own selfish benefit, after they are done, getting their usefulness out of you, they move on to the next victim.
  • Because deep down most people are selfish a**holes...Sad but true
  • I knew a guy who would break up with his girlfriends this way. He just could not handle confrontation, so he'd just stop calling them/going out with them and hope they would get the hint. Not cool. I'm sorry Stillme, but it's a possibility. Who wouldn't want to be friends with you? Their loss :)
  • Some people just pretend they're your friend until you outlive your usefulness to them.
  • Some people "collect" others as if they were charms on a add new charms they have to dump some of the old they dump and add, dump and add, dump and add..forever. That's the best they can do. It has nothing to do with you. You don't get angry at a cat for killing a bird..that's its nature. Well, you can't really get angry at people who are superficial, unemotional and phony..that is their nature! :)
  • Maybe because they were just jurks in the first place. I wouldn't let it get to you. We have a lot of that i Sydney of OZ too. :)
  • Because there are a lot of jealous/selfish assholes in the world. The next time they may wanna call you up to "chat", don't answer...tell them you're "busy"...
  • I think they just wanted to get what they could get from you then moved on to the next victim. I don't see how some people sleep at night.
  • Friendship is not something that can be pretended. You must consider what your qualifications for friendship are. Maybe you are calling associates, hang out partners friends. Friends love at all times.
  • Because they just use people and are not in it for the other person but only for what they can get out of the relationship for themselves
  • Well. It just sounds like a case of lack of courage and conflict avoidance to the extent of ignorance and a lack of consideration. If someone isn't talking to you when they are supposed to be your friend, I would honestly open up a dialogue with that person, giving the benefit of the doubt that it was a miscommunication. If this persists, or if you get the idea that the friendship was false, why worry about why? You are better off to move on and find more genuine folks to communicate with - successfully.
  • I am still your friend and others on here.
  • i hate it, but think its a sign of the times, to a degree - we live in an easy disposal society, ppl are fickle, and a lot of the older values have long gone
  • There are people who pretend to be you friend if you have something they want.
  • Some people pretend to be your friend if you have something they want and they just want to use you.
  • I can answer This question. I am a person who stopped talking to people without explanation and it is because they were ignorant. I did not do any pretending i just let them get away with it for a while and they were still acting stupid so i just left them alone without an explanation.

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