• As a guy with about 10 years experience talking to and meeting women online, I suggest finding someone with many common interests. Review as many profiles as needed to find women who like to do what you do and then start the convo. Good luck. Cheers!
  • and if you ever want to see your family again... that should pretty much get her to talk to you
  • orgo into a random myspace chat room look at there pictures and say hey ----- u look cute, whats your myspace url, then just talk to them. give it a try it couldnt hurt
  • Y would you wanna tlk to a girl online? Idk? But jst try asking her ?s and tlk bout her. If she asks ?s bout you, then ther you go. Shes interested and enjoying the conversation
  • Don't type in CAPS LIKE THIS WHEN YOUR TALKING, 4ND D0N7 WR1T3 L1K3 TH15, 5H3 W1LL N07 7H1NK Y0U 4RE C00L. Those things will make her less likely to talk to you
  • if you want to talk to a girl online try meet a girl that you already know but if she do not like you well just be sad like me because if you do try to meet a girl online and if you give her your email addresses then everything elas and if she come to your family house she will probably have a gun with her and kill you just like that some online people will do that so that the best of luck if you ready to go down that road are not for me i hope not
  • ask her what she thinks of this You will be bringing her benefit as well as hearing her thoughts Here is a way to flirt have a cause like an activist then go on dates to talk about your cause It completely minimizes psychological pressure I was a temporary secretary for awhile I have to say that the minimally mattering yet frequent social occasion of meeting new co workers is fairly pleasant Part of that is the perspective What if the viewer could feel as casual on a date as they do meeting a new co worker yet still be progressing towards romance Here is a cause that brings much benefit to the persons you date Tell them to Date a Different Person The thing is people could go out on lots of dates to find a person that they both like n who also carries genes that complement theirs to produce kind happy clever beautiful kids The way people look can be different than having genes that complement yours; Matching genes is actually nine times as effective at judging appearance or behavior when creating a particular ability or appearance The likelihood that any particular date has those complementary genes is modest thus if you persuade your date they would like to have a kid with a wonderful future They should find out their genes n date a different genetically complementary person there are places like that have genetic profiles from 399 to $99 Also a peculiar thing about this is you are being authentically benevolent to the other person while minimizing the risk of a LTR It might be a nifty way to get laid as well as find a wonderful complement Having a cause makes meeting massive numbers of people from personals less stressful n possibly entertaining; finding your dates genetic complement that they have kinder happier calmer cleverer more beautiful kids benefits your date as well
  • .introduction; hello how arE you? .show her that you tOOk the time to read her profile or something she wrote; i sEE you used to liVe in chico now you liVe in sacramento, how was chico? .sEE if she is receptiVe; does she write back? is she willing or easy to talk to?? if the answer is no, you simply moVe on, there are plenty of women out there. .the aboVe eXamples are just that, eXamples. show that you actually take the time to read about her or what she says and say something in regards to that.
  • you cant make anyone talk to you, all you can do is talk to her and hope she responds

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