• Germans have been known to be quite aggressive .. and name one farmer that isn't a miserable sod.
  • well that's the kind of dog the usually use as police dogs, and they're trained to bite humans.
  • its the most aggressive dog thats y its used for policing/manhunts
  • they are not some looser "please master at all costs" pet like retrievers. they are a powerful dog. powerful enough to be trained to kill solders. I have a saying for rotweilers which could apply to german sheapards too. "Rotweilers are like spandex... they have a bad reputation because of bad owners"
  • It was just published last month on MSN that the two breeds of dogs that bit people the most were Jack Russle Terriers and Chihuahua! Just because the dog is cute and little doesn't mean they don't bite!! I own 3 German Shepherd Dogs and not a one of them has evern even snapped at me or any one else! I would like to know exactally where you got the information that German Shepherd Dogs bite more humans than any other breed of dog? I have never heard this! But I did read about the Jack Russels and the Chihuahua just last month on my MSN page. Dogs aren't born agressive they are made that way...all dogs are naturally "protective" of their owners! That does not make them agressive!
  • I did not know they were they the highest, where did you read that? I know the are up there, but I dont think they are the worst. Irresponsible breeding the world over has left the German shepherd breed with a myriad of problems that a prospective owner must be concerned about. German shepherd's virtues outweigh its liabilities. Everything about the German shepherd expresses strength, agility and complete alertness. The German shepherd is, at heart, a friendly dog, but it will always want to make sure strangers have a right to enter its home before admittance is granted. Those who appear not to have entry rights are challenged by a formidable protector. Looks alone make the German shepherd an imposing foe -- males usually stand 24 - 26 inches at the shoulder, and females are only 2 inches smaller. Add strong bone, great body capacity and a head that can assume a challenging expression when necessary, and you have one of the best security systems known to humans. The German shepherd is a happy-go-lucky family member ready to play games, go hiking, take a swim or, on the other hand, sit quietly by its master's side while he or she reads a book or listens to music. Indeed, few dogs are more intelligent or trainable than the well-bred German shepherd. From the Dog Bite Statics Website: Facts & Stats about Dog Bites & Dog Aggression Dog between one and five years are involved in more dog bite incidences than dogs older than 6 years. Male dogs are more frequently involved when compared with female dogs. Mixed breeds and not pure bred dogs are the type of dog most often involved in inflicting bites to people. The pure-bred dogs most often involved are German shepherds and Chow chows. The list of breeds most involved in both bite injuries and fatalities changes from year to year and from one area of the country to another, depending on the popularity of the breed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document that a chained dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than an unchained dog. Click here for a news story about a mauling of a 4 year old child by a chained pit bull Canines not spayed or neutered are three times more likely to bite than sterilized ones. The breeds most often involved in fatal attacks are Rottweilers and Pit bulls. From 1979 to 1998, at least 25 breeds of dogs have been involved in bite related deaths. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers were involved in more than 50 percent of these incidences.
  • Probably because these dogs are frequently trained as attack dogs?
  • Last I heard it was a cocker spaniel that topped the list
  • Where is your evidence to prove this? We have a dangerous dogs list here in the UK and GSD'd aren't even on it! I think you need to back up your question with proof. GSD's are known to be extremely tolerant dogs. This is one of the many reasons they are so popular all over the world! Rotties, and Terrier dogs (including the Pit Bull) are more known for their biting even killing babies children and people. So where's your evidence please?
  • OMG... I wish the phrase "(insert breed of dog) bites more than any other breed" would just DIE ALREADY! I've read literally DOZENS of "verified statistics" and various studies on dog aggression, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM comes up with a different "cursed breed". I've seen everything from pit bulls and rottweilers to dachshunds and chihuahuas blamed for being the most aggressive breed of dog. Simple fact is: THERE IS NO 'MOST AGGRESSIVE' BREED. It's a matter of training and breeding. If you have an inbred dog with a mental deficiency and half-assed training, yeah, he's probably going to bite someone.
  • This statistic will change from site to site. Along with the best family pet will change also. I've been told that Springer Spanials (whilst being highly active) are an excellent breed of choice as a family pet especially around children. Tell my ex partner from about 8 years ago that, and he will show you the gaping hole that has been left in his forearm as he raised his arm to protect his throat and face as his friends dog that knew him decided it was lunch time and he was on the menu. He has had 3 surgerys and now has permanent nerve and tendon damage affecting his hand and fingers and was lucky he didn't come off any worse. If he was a child and not the 6ft 3in bloke that he is I really do hate to think what could have happened.
  • If, and this is a great big IF, what you say is true, it would be because that is the dog most likely to be used in law enforcement and as guard dogs. No way is it because that is the most dangerous breed. The humane society has a list of the most dangerous breeds, based on the most bites in the home, not per dog breed, and it includes about a half dozen dogs. They are also quick to point out that any and every dog is apt to bite.
  • people down play the number of bites small breeds give because they are small and insignificant and couldn't hurt a fly... BULLSHITZHU. my friend related how her sisters shepard without provocation attacked her poor little shithead, I mean shitzhu, so they had to get rid of it because it was a threat to kids. some time later I was welcomed into their house with a pack of 4 little pieces of shitzhu yapping up a storm. after half an hour I decided to trust the owner and lower my guard and just walk casualy at which point this poor little terd bit me in the calf from behind. since there were others had he continued the attack I would have had no choice but to kill it... but of course the german shepard was the bad dog because he finished the fight which the skidmark had started. . smaller mammals have worse temperments. there are exceptions to the rule, but statisticaly it is true no matter if your are talking rodents, dogs or equestrians or what ever. shepards rotweilers and dobermans have the stats they have AFTER being influenced by statistacaly bad owners. rat dogs meet their stats with very little variance between owner types.
  • Orgiginal Question before later changes if any was: Did you know that German Shepherds bite humans more than any other breed of dog,WHY IS IT SO? My answer is: I think Magicsquares came closest to the answer i.e about german sheps being trained as attack dogs. I watch the show Cops on cable & see german sheps bite fleeing suspects a lot. So my answer is because german shepards are trained as police pursue and attack dogs.
  • We taste good. Like chicken.
  • I own a brillianty nice female german shepherd and a fluffy collie. A lot of the other dog walkers I meet are usually wary of the shepherd ,pull back their own dogs and call them hysterically ,if their own dogs (No matter if big or small )try to socialize with my shepherd ,who also just wants a 'sniff'.All the owners tension can be felt by the dogs and they could become nervous and react more than they would have otherwise. My shepherd is non-aggressive ,but will bark back ,if the other dog has started it.But one word from me and she stops immediately ,german shepherds are very obedient. I am sick of her being constantly judged just by her breed and people don't give her a chance to be normal and playful.They always cross the road etc. I think german shepherds have a bad reputation because the wrong people have bought and bred them ,trying to look more intimidating in their own low down neighbourhood! The fluffy collie gets treated totally different by people,petted and cooed over ,because she is sooo cute !Noone talks to the shepherd or strokes her,she is 6 years old now and has never in her life shown aggression to any person (not even the tiniest growl) So my point is If you constantly exspect a certain breed to be bad ,than you will find it to be a selffulfilling phrophecy ...just treat them all as individuals and innocent (!!!) until proofen guilty.
  • There nature maybe? They've always been used as guard dogs n stuff.
  • Mixed breeds and not pure bred dogs are the type of dog most often involved in inflicting bites to people. The pure-bred dogs most often involved are German shepherds and Chow chows. Of course, in the case of German Shepherds, some of these bites are intentional as they are used quite often in defense, law enforcement and security work.
  • no but now i do
  • Your data is inaccurate.

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